Starting your Mobile app product :
Like the taste varies, like the need varies similarly the usage and need of mobile application varies from person to person. There is no single mobile application for everyone in the world and the main reason for this is usage of different devices and other external factors like place, need, work etc. Mobile applications should be developed for the masses on basis of characteristics and not for a single person.

Choosing target Audience
While developing mobile application one should keep in mind the factors that can affect the audience that you are targeting. Most influential factors should be listed first and on basis of it target audience should be selected and this will make mobile application marketing specific and easy. Let us list and discuss such factors for mobile application development:

Purchasing application from the android or iOS app store is one of the major factors that help in determining your target audience. Pricing should be such that it pays back your effort in mobile application development and the audience should be able to purchase it.

Knowing the colour that your audience will prefer is important along with the theme. Like mobile application for flowers will have a background of petals and flowers while a yoga application will have a calmer theme. Attracting target audience and then making them stick to your mobile application is biggest challenge.

Before starting the marketing of your mobile application try to find out the answer of question like why do you think your audience needs mobile application? This analysis should be ideally done before mobile application development. One should do detailed analysis of environment, people, place, attitude and perception towards mobile application.

Try to find out what device your target audience is using and hence, which operating system. Like if your audience prefer blackberry or windows platform then develop the application in same.

External factors
Some important factors that play equal role in determining target audience is gathering the data like gender, age, income group, geography etc.

There is no specific way of knowing target audience; all it needs is detailed analysis and study of the factors that can directly or indirectly effect your mobile application.
App weight and size
Users prefer to download those apps which are smaller in size. Even after the app is installed, at any such time when the user finds that his phone apps are consuming lot of his phone’s resources, then his first tries to detect that app which consumes most of his phone’s resources and prefer to remove that. Contrary to this, if your app’s size is small, then there are less chances for you to get removed even if your app is used rarely by the user. So prefer to make app light in size

Running Offline
Mobile application should have a feature of running sensibly in offline mode too. There are certain reasons at times for apps to need internet for well working. But any such thing which can be run in offline mode and can later be synced online should be done accordingly. So whenever you plan to get an app developed from your developers then ask them to make it compatible for running in offline mode, wherever, it is needed.

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