Portal For Hotel Room Booking

This is an online room booking portal for a hotel. Client wanted a website to showcase all his hotel properties online along with specific feature details of different rooms and there price tags. Online payment for room booking needs to be implemented in next semester and until then, client wanted a feature to let visitors check the room availability and book a room online. Hotel staff gets an email notification and contacts the interested customers.

Project has been developed using WordPress and the website is responsive. Rooms availability can be managed from back end in a very user friendly manner. Admin can add or remove hotel properties as and when he wants to do so.

Values Gained

Client could get lot of business leads from online search.

A very handy interface at the back end to manage website content.

Elegant and user friendly front end for website end users.


Technologies Used

Project Management

Team Engaged

  • Developer x 1
  • Designer x 1
  • Tester x 1