Welcome to Digital India. These days it has become mandatory for every business to have a
website of their own if they wish to sustain in the market. Whenever you provide your company
name to a new client, the first thing they will do nowadays is to check your company online.
Hence, it is very important to have a very well designed and maintained website for your
company. The website will act like the face of your company to the whole world! Anyone can
have a look at your website from any part of the world. The first impression of your company
will thus be based on how good your website is. The best way to have an active website is to
make sure it is maintained very well. In the next few minutes you will be reading about the
various maintenance mantras that you can adopt to have a good website for your organization.

  1. New month, new content:
    Keeping your business up to date is one of the prime features of the organization.
    Likewise, it is equally important that you keep the website up to date. Make sure you
    post genuine content about your business regularly on your website. It might be about
    the various products and services that your business offers or post blogs that give
    interesting information about your business. Also you have to make sure that all the
    statutory certificates required for running your websites are updated regularly.
  2. Multi-browsers Compatible design:
    The number of browsers keep going up each day. It is practically impossible to make
    sure that your website is compatible in all the browsers. But it is essential that your
    website works fine in the leading browsers like Google Chrome, Internet Explorer,
    Safari, Opera and Firefox. You can use browser shots for viewing the screenshots of your
    website on various browsers.
  3. Links always build businesses:
    A business owner does not need to be told as to how important making connects is.
    These connects have very big network of links which helps the organization in many a
    ways. Similarly, the links of the website make sure that your website grows in the best
    possible way. As a business with a website, it is your responsibility to check that all the
    links on your website are working the way you want them to. That is, the links of a third
    party seller on your website is correctly going to their page, the third party’s website is
    running, etc.
  4. Speed creates opportunities:
    Even though patience is the key to success, most of us lack it. If your site takes anything
    more than a split of a second to load, it means that it’s time to revamp your website so
    that it works faster. You might consider decreasing the number of graphics and
    animations on your website. You can test the speed of your website for free, using the
    various onlinetools available for the same.
  5. Communication is always the key:
    There is nothing which cannot be resolved through a good conversation. Keep your
    website open to active discussions, feedbacks, comments, etc. This helps you
    understand what the visitors on your website expect from it. You can also start talking
    to people on different platforms about how you can improve your website.
  6. Aim to top the search engine list:
    Creating a website and forgetting about it is as good as not having a website. You must
    always work towards making it to the top list of the search engines. A well-structured,
    W3C compliance, pixel perfect and semantic markup will help your website be search
    engine friendly. You can also make use of tools like SEO, SEM, Display advertising, etc
    that help your website climb up the listing on the search engines.
    At Yugasa, we offer complete evaluation of your current website free of cost and share
    ideas and important possible updates. Based on mutual discussions we do desired
    updates in the website to let your business perform better. For more discussions about
    any such need, feel free to reach us at contact@yugasa.com
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