Artificial Intelligence

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Artificial Intelligence: Mobile applications development has seen a lot of changes since they were introduced first in the market. So what is the next big and challenging thing in mobile application field? It is none other than Artificial Intelligence (AI). In layman terms we can explain Artificial Intelligence as the ability of a machine or program to think and learn. Hence, the term smart computers and smart mobiles.

artificial intelligence
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As we can see almost everyone is using Smart phones and it has reduced the world into the palm of a man. Everything from everywhere is available in these smart phones and AI is playing a vital role in this. Though there are mobile applications that can keep a track of our heart beat or pulse and can store the number of steps taken during a day time. But still there were some limitations and they have been overcome by Artificial Intelligence. This personalization of mobile applications can be taken a step further with the help of AI and in turn users will be provided with the high end experience where mobile applications will take control of all the routine stuff and business endeavor in an effective way.

AI in mobile applications has been widely used by Amazon and eBay and their business is growing multiple folds.Tech companies are also accommodating these AI algorithms into their products and services to make it more user friendly and hence, much better user experience. This helps in understanding data stage by state and then giving user incentive and other goodies for revival. Amazon Prime is one such example of fine blend of Artificial Intelligence and mobile application.

With AI businesses can adjust mobile applications according to changing trends in the market. These machine learning driven applications can create meaningful and context rich experience to the user by analyzing the user behavior in a better way. Thus, we can say that AI will result in deep and effective personalization of mobile applications along with smart interaction with users.

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