Will AI (Artificial Intelligence) Replace Software Developers?

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Will AI replace software developers: AI can create songs, help in treating cancer therapy, drive vehicles and play games. Even it can start writing code. Does it mean that the days of software developers are already limited? Will Artificial Intelligence take over app developers.

When you look at personal assistants such as Siri and Google Assistant, you will discover that probably the most frequent request is “Tell me a joke.” It’s not enough, achievements of AI are getting more impressive day by day. 

So, before getting the answer “Is AI replacing software developers?” let’s have a look at the AI achievements.

Will AI replace software developers – What can Artificial Intelligence do?

Artificial Intelligence can beat human programmers in board games and puzzles. 

In 1997, the IBM computer Deep Blue won a chess match against Garry Kasparov. In 2011, Watson participated in the T.V. show to compete against its previous winners. It gives answers to all questions in a natural human language. 

In March 2016, AlphaGo – a computer program, Google DeepMind created to play a board game – beat Lee Sedol – The world champion of AlphaGo. 

AI can make medical discoveries 

Artificial Intelligence led to the development of medical diagnostics. In 2013, AI was tasked with detecting breast cancer. A visual network was trained to find cancer signs using thousands of mammographic images of infection. 

But the network has learned that it’s not too essential to look for tumors themselves. It was a new and vital development in breast cancer detection. 

AI can compose songs – Will AI replace software developers

Google Brain project is Magenta which aim is to determine whether machine learning creates compelling art and music. The developers that built this platform used TensorFlow, a Google ML library. 

Now, let’s come to the main topic:

Will AI replace software developers?

Yes, Artificial Intelligence can replace mobile app developers in the future. The Hollywood invention of AI replacing humans hasn’t come true yet.

A Space Odyssey – like conditions of artificial intelligence turns against its human developers and killing off space professionals. It doesn’t stop filmmakers from usually employing the AI theme rebellion in their works. 

In 2016, Microsoft released Tay, which was designed to mimic the language patterns and learn to from interacting with Twitter users. After launching it, Microsoft was forced to shut Tay down due to bot started to post offensive tweets. 

So, is Artificial Intelligence is a threat or a chance to do something big? Elon Musk is recognized for his doubt technology. He thinks that what will happen when the machine becomes smarter than the human. 

What are the benefits of AI-enabled app development?

Instead of replacing developers, AI is forecasted to further the industry. These improvements are expected to programmers in their projects, speeding the process by automating challenging tasks.

The previous already perform such activity with Yugasa aiding developers in resolving issues and our app serving to help developers to complete through its forecasting functions. 

Instead of spending time on forums, getting in touch with other expert developers for assistance, coders can now transform apps for a quick response to common questions. Explaining user queries on the best programs for specific tasks is the main function of the mobile app. 

AI (Artificial Intelligence) can also aid in stopping common bugs – one of the greatest benefits forecasted for programmers.

These improvements can effectively reduce testing sessions. The game development company, Ubisoft, has already developed such a tool.

Finally, this technology has currently been built to increase code security. New systems can now learn correct developing patterns, determining such patterns in new code, and evaluating any vulnerabilities. 

But, if you want any app, you need to get in touch with a dedicated mobile app development company such as Yugasa. 

How can Yugasa help in software app development?

Yugasa designs and develops custom mobile apps for Android and iOS platforms. Our dedicated team of developers has many years of experience in developing apps using AI & ML app development cycles.

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