Top 10 Netherlands App Development Companies In 2021

Yugasa reveals the top 10 Netherlands App Development Companies for 2021. You can rely on these companies for your android or iOS app development needs.

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Netherlands App Development Companies: The Mobile Apps industry in the Netherlands offers top-line qualitative and quantitative summary statistics, including market size and segmentation (value 2014-18, and forecast to 2023). 

Additionally, the profile includes profiles of the market’s top competitors, important financial data, and a study of competitive pressures.

Significant Points

  • The mobile apps market is evaluated bottom-up, taking into account the average number of users and accounts for a specific technology in a given year and the average monthly revenue per subscription (ARPS) for that same year. Costs that are not recurring, such as activation fees, are not included. VAT is not included in the revenues.
  • Between 2014 and 2018, the Dutch mobile applications industry generated total sales of $2.5 billion, indicating a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 1.1 percent.
  • In 2018, the browsing/WAP sector was the most profitable section of the industry, with total sales of $2.2 billion, accounting for 88.6 percent of the market’s entire value.
  • All categories have experienced a decrease in value throughout the historical period, except browsing/WAP, which has seen a modest increase.


  • Save time doing entry-level research by determining the size, growth, main categories, and top companies in the Netherlands’ mobile applications industry.
  • Conduct a Five Forces study to ascertain the competitive intensity and, therefore, the attractiveness of the Dutch mobile app industry.
  • Leading business profiles provide insight into the worldwide operations and financial performance of the world’s leading mobile application developers.
  • Increase the credibility of your presentations and pitches by knowing the future development possibilities of the Netherlands mobile app industry, as forecasted over the next five years.

Nowadays, the widespread usage of mobile devices has elevated our standard of living. The mobile phone, which was formerly used only to make or receive calls, has evolved into a tiny gadget capable of doing various activities using a distinct method.

People now routinely use these sophisticated gadgets to check email, play games, shoot high-quality photos, record movies, and music, read websites, and easily join online networks.

In the Netherlands, there are many mobile application development firms. However, individuals are perpetually perplexed when selecting the greatest mobile app firms for their business and obtaining the ideal company.

To alleviate your uncertainty, we’ve compiled a list of the best mobile app development firms in the Netherlands after doing extensive research for your business’s specific needs at a reasonable price, 

Mobile App Companies In The Netherlands are – 

1 – Yugasa Software Labs

Yugasa is a leading worldwide supplier of high-quality software development services specializing in delivering world-class software solutions to businesses of all sizes. It is a mobile application development firm that offers sophisticated technological solutions to companies worldwide.

They establish precise strategies and offer a team that can ramp up or down in response to your needs.

Given their company expertise, their engineers are quick to explain and understand their needs. They place a premium on client connections and go above and beyond to ensure that their consumers are consistently pleased

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2 – Hyperlink Infosystems – Netherlands App Development Companies

By far the finest business if you’re considering developing a mobile application for iOS, Android, or Windows. Additionally, their prices for hiring developers are very reasonable.

They guarantee that their customers get a beneficial and certified service and that all market needs are included in the budget and time constraints.

They take pride in their established track record. Their professional app designers spend their time creating an app with true aesthetic appeal utilizing cutting-edge design technologies.

They expand to enhance client business via highlighted products and pleasant customer service from a supply standpoint. Their developers are skilled enough to include user-friendly modules and features.

3. SaM Solutions

SaM Solutions is a multi-award-winning mobile application development firm with over two decades of expertise.

They employ some of the most experienced IT experts and are always investing in skill and know-how development to ensure the satisfaction of their customers.

Their goal to each client is to ensure the success of the customer’s ideas. It is deserving of inclusion on this list.

4. CronJ IT Technologies Pvt.

Cronje combines creativity and expertise to run a highly experienced workforce that provides high-quality, high-value bespoke IT solutions to the world’s most successful industrial companies.

Their goal has always been and will continue to be to provide great, efficient IT solutions that are easy to use, implement, and integrate into contemporary environments.

They maintain continuous contact with you to keep you updated on their progress at all times.

5. Squads

Since 2013, they’ve assembled exceptional teams for various intrapreneurs and business people interested in developing a one-of-a-kind mobile application.

They concentrate on creating bespoke solutions for specific company requirements using a competent team of developers. They have extensive expertise in creating high-quality mobile apps at an affordable price.

6. DTT – Netherlands App Development Companies

DTT is the Netherlands’ largest software development firm. They work enthusiastically on a complete mix of technology, strategy, and creativity.

They are outcome-driven in their thinking and prioritize the needs of their customers. They are aware that many customers lack understanding about technology, which is critical in the decision-making process.

7. Edison Software

Edison Software is a market leader in mobile application development. Their customer feedback and long-standing connections with them demonstrate their commitment to their job. They are a group of highly talented experts dedicated to developing great apps that operate under the most adverse circumstances.

8. Symphony Solutions

Symphony Solutions is a specialized mobile application development firm. They tailor their solutions to your company’s needs and keep the end-user in mind.

Their service offering is not what differentiates them. Their commitment is evident in each app they create, with an incredible design and a smooth user experience.

9. West Point Digital – Netherlands App Development Companies

West Point Digital is an Amsterdam-based web development firm. Additionally to prototype, consultation, and development, they provide completely managed projects.

They collaborate openly with their clientele when they think. By integrating their customers into the team and focusing only on the user, they can discover new worlds and understand their target groups.

10. InToSoft

It is a market leader in the creation of sophisticated information technology solutions. Their team leverages cutting-edge software development technology to provide their customers with the finest solutions possible.

They choose the most efficient ones in terms of fulfilling your requirements. Their goal is to provide excellent solutions that suit your business’s needs.


The businesses on this list have been thoroughly researched and have received a high rating from customers.

Netherlands App Development Companies, are well-known for delivering some of the best markets for the Mobile Apps industry in the Netherlands.

These Dutch mobile application development firms are prepared and equipped with the resources and expertise necessary to compete on the cutting edge.

If you are looking for an app development company in the Netherlands then Yugasa can be a great choice! You can visit their website to know more.

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