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About the Project:

e3D is an unusual and highly customized online store for buying spare parts of 3D printers. Unlike any other online store, in e3D, buyers can decide to purchase a single piece of a spare part or may configure different multiple spare parts to create one bigger spare part and buy its multiple units. All such information is connected with ERP and an inventory management system at the backend. So buying single unit of one spare part or buying multiple units of a single spare part or buying different spare parts to configure a bigger spare part effects the inventory differently. Checkout process is highly customized in terms of designs of functionality. Application runs on power Linode server to achieve satisfactory performance of
Magento website.

Our Role:

Starting from understanding the requirements to finding ways of achieving them in terms of functionality and frontend, everything has been done by team Yugasa. Regular flawless communication between Yugasa team and its direct customer and the end customer had been an important reason for a successful work in the project.


This project does not seem to be a complex one when an outsider tries to understand it in short time. E3D’s live website (older one) was on Open Cart and carried huge customization out there also. Migrating all types of products, orders, testimonials, customers along with their purchase history from Open Cart to Magento was first challenge. Magento 2.x is very new, unstable and suffering from scarcity of valid extension. This was another big challenge. Integration of Magento 2.x with ERP was third bigger challenge. On top of all this, client’s urge to learn Magento along with introducing changes even in the stable version made project more challenging for us. To make Magento Admin easier for client, we developed an extension which can enable drag and drop of elements just like WordPress shortcodes to design things on frontend.