7 Enterprises App Development Challenges With Solutions To Overcome Them

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Enterprise Mobile App Development: No need to wonder if we say that demand for mobile enterprise apps is increasing exponentially. And why not? From order processing and production scheduling to customer information management and accounting, enterprise app software performs several business functions.

Even many business owners believe that enterprise apps implementation can make organizations more successful. Whether it’s about driving efficiency or engaging their employees, many businesses turn towards enterprise apps. A survey reports that 79% of USA companies have given a big credit of their success to innovative enterprise apps. 

Enterprise app development is changing the way companies work by bringing a change in the traditional process. While mobility solutions can make the enterprise more productive, you may also face challenges during its development process.

In this post, we are going to discuss these challenges and the best practice to solve them. But first, let’s start with an enterprise mobile app development introduction for better understanding. 

What is enterprise mobile app development?

Enterprise app development builds user-friendly software that uses complex data and complies with advanced security standards. This app development process is used where an enterprise wants to develop bespoke software to improve its business operation.

If you want to drive higher efficiency, streamline your business’ operation and enhance employees’ engagement, an enterprise mobility solution is the best way to go! According to a study, it has been revealed that 66% of organizations are expected to increase their investment into enterprise apps in the next three years. 

But why is enterprise mobility the right choice for every business owner in 2021? Here are some convincing reasons:

  • 23% increase in employee satisfaction using mobile enterprise applications
  • 35% ROI is reported when companies invest in enterprise mobility applications
  • 21% increase in employee loyalty when empowered with enterprise mobility applications
  • 47% of internal communication is improved when uses enterprise mobility applications 

Now, it’s time to know about enterprise mobile app development challenges with its best practices.

Top 7 enterprise mobility development challenges with the solutions to overcome them

Challenge #1 – Information Security 

A security breach is the first term that pops up in every customer’s mind. Security breach means credit card fraud or a stolen identity, but a security threat is more than this type of theft when it comes to the corporate environment.

A mobile application handles all sensitive information on an enterprise level, consisting of account details, personal info, and society security number. That’s why businesses that deal with several financial statements experience a serious threat of data loss in their enterprise. 

Solution: If you want to protect your business from data loss and threats, make sure your app goes through a periodic app vulnerability test. It will help to check whether or not your app and server are secure.

You need to keep user permission and user information privacy protection on the priority list in enterprise mobile application development. 

Challenge #2 – User interface design – Enterprise Mobile App Development

When deciding whether your business will be successful or failure, good and bad experiences play a huge role. For that, you need to ensure your application has a great UI design, especially if your enterprise app operates on a huge scale. Having a bad user interface design can confuse employees to perform their activities or update their information. 

Solution: To build fast and user-friendly enterprise apps, create default settings, and automatic form filling. But why? A good user interface design is more about usability than functionality. 

Challenge # 3 – Right Resource & Expertise 

When designing and developing a reliable business app, finding the right resource with experts is one of the biggest challenges you have to face.

Even lack of knowledge is the main reason for many apps failing in the market. App developers with limited knowledge of basic app development and quality assurance are real challenges that every business faces in today’s competitive world. 

Solution: Make sure you hire a developer who has great knowledge about quality assurance, UI & UX design, and security standards. Besides this, they know how to integrate the back-end accurately.

Challenge # 4 – Pushing Add Updates – Enterprise Mobile App Development

Many enterprises invest hundreds and thousands of dollars in creating great mobility experiences. But, when their app doesn’t offer seamless communication, they will be lost in the market somewhere.

So, it is essential to synchronize your app so that their employees can work smoothly within your organization. But, running the same app’s different versions can create problems in both communication and operation. 

Solution: If your business operation relies on an enterprise mobility solution, you need to use proper EMM (Enterprise Mobility Management) or MAM (Mobile Application Management) in this place. You can also push app updates to the devices of users without waiting for update approvals. 

Challenge # 5 – Handling Big Data

Any global organization consists of data center costs, network costs, and storage costs. And effectively managing this huge data is a big challenge for enterprises. In addition, it slows down the response rate for the end-user. 

Solution: Move your static data to big data platforms that offer storage, security, and maintenance. Check whether their big data app is cloud-based or on-premise. 

Challenge # 6 – Time & Cost

Enterprise mobile app development is a time-consuming and costly process if the approach is not clear. Cost related to time, automatic resources is expected to be high. 

Solution: To reduce the development time, you can use a regulatory framework such as WisdmTREAD that uses a modular architecture.

Challenge # 7 – Evolving Technology

Last but not least, evolving technology is another challenge of enterprise mobility solutions. After delivering enterprise apps, they need core changes due to technology updates. 

Solution: make sure you stay updated with app trends and be prepared for effective enterprise mobile application development. 

Hopefully, you have now understood the challenges of enterprise mobility solutions and best practices to recover them. If you are looking for a robust business app for your enterprise, Yugasa is the right place! 

How can Yugasa help in successful enterprise mobility solutions?

At Yugasa, we are a reliable mobile application development company with many years of experience building robust and innovative mobile applications for enterprises sized businesses.

We use tools and unique approaches to deliver mobile experiences with enhanced security, high speed, and great flexibility. Our dedicated team of experienced developers is engaged in the portable open-source community, improving the features and security of mobility solutions. 

If you need a reliable enterprise mobility solution for your business in 2021, contact our experts today! 

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