What Does It Cost to Make an Android App?

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Android App Cost: The Android app development platform is free and open-source, meaning it isn’t limited to the Android Market.

This provides Android developers with a great deal of flexibility and freedom to be truly innovative and experimental.

Android apps can also be installed from third-party sources, expanding the possibilities of Android app development even further.

Enterprises and developing businesses choose Android app development for a variety of reasons and benefits. These are a few of them:

What Does It Cost to Make an Android App

1. Acceptance of Apps Is a Lot Easier– Android App Cost

For developers, the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store have identical requirements for publishing apps on their respective marketplaces.

However, getting your app authorized on Apple is more difficult than getting it approved on Android.

Google is more accepting and inviting of developers wishing to launch their app on the Google Play Store, but Apple would want you to make numerous changes, fix issues, and pay numerous more expenses to publish your app on their platform.

2. Affordability of Google Play Store Publishing

Android app development costs are often lower and more economical than Apple, which is one of the reasons Android is a popular mobile app development platform.

In comparison to the cost of publishing an app on the App Store, which is $99 per year and must be renewed annually, the cost of publishing an app on PlayStore is a one-time price of $25.

3. Access to a larger pool of users

Android is one of the most widely used mobile operating systems. As a result, integrating your business app with the Android development environment expands your business’s possibilities.

According to BusinessofApps, Android has over 2.8 million active users, accounting for 75% of the global market.

Android is the operating platform of choice for more than 1300 smartphone companies.

4. Technology Adoption- Android App Cost

Android is built on the Java programming language, which is a reliable, well-tested, and scalable platform.

Java and Kotlin are the two native programming languages for Android. So, which programming language is used to create Android apps? The majority of dedicated Android developers prefer to write Android apps in Java.

You may transfer your Android software to other operating systems like Ubuntu, Symbian, Blackberry, and more by developing it in Java.

As a result, choosing Android app development allows you to target not only the Android marketplace but also a variety of other platforms.

The cost of an Android app is equal to the development time multiplied by the hourly rate.

You can use our Top Android App Development Cost Calculator to receive the most accurate Android app development cost estimates for your Android project if you want a more complete estimate.

What Does It Cost to Make an Android App

Factors Affecting the Price of an Android App– Android App Cost

When it comes to estimating the cost of developing an Android app, there are a number of factors to consider before deciding on a budget.

For your convenience, we’ve split down the main critical aspects into a cost checklist for Android app development —

What Does It Cost to Make an Android App

1. App Size- Android App Cost

The size of your app will, of course, have an impact on the cost of developing an Android app.

The more resources that go into establishing and managing Android app development projects, the better.

What Does It Cost to Make an Android App

2. Online vs. Offline Android App Development Costs

You are wrong if you believe that offline apps have no value and that all apps must be online to be relevant in the market and valuable to your company’s needs.

Developing an online Android app requires more time and effort, which leads to higher Android app development expenses.

Creating an offline Android app, on the other hand, is less expensive and takes less time. You must consider your android app development requirements before making the proper decision about online vs. offline.

3. The number of features in an Android app determines the cost of development

To figure out how much an Android app project will cost, make a list of all the features you want it to include.

Adding more features expands the development process, and some features are more complicated than others.

The easiest method to assure app success, in the long run, is to create a list of features that best suit the interests of your target audience.

If you’re not sure what features your Android app could benefit from, you can always hire a top Android mobile app development company to help you make the best decisions.

4. Type of App – Cost of Android App Development

The type of Android platform you choose has a significant impact on the cost of developing an Android app.

In general, there are three options to consider: Progressive Web Apps are native, cross-platform, and cross-platform web apps.

5. App Categories


Identifying the app category to which your Android app belongs is another key thing to consider when estimating the cost of development.

Different types of apps serve different functions in users’ daily lives. Some are more often used for day-to-day activities, while others, such as travel or holiday applications, are only utilized when users are going to travel.

As compared to a lifestyle app, gaming apps require a greater level of coding and ability from the developers, therefore Android expenses vary as well.

Wrapping it up!

With this, we’ve completed our cost-breakdown analysis of Android app development in great detail.

Use this Android app development cost guide to be better prepared and knowledgeable about the costs associated with creating your ideal Android app.


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