Benefits of an App Promo video

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App Promo Video Benefits: Whether it is a utility app or a fancy game, it takes effort to grab the attention of the viewers. Regardless of how well your app is, if you don’t promote it, it has a chance of failing. That is why it is necessary to have something powerful and charming to represent your app. One of the ways to do that is promo videos. Nowadays, almost all applications on the app stores have some sort of introductory video. This allows them to present a visual glimpse of the functioning or aesthetics of your application.

Erica Sadun said in TUAW, “A video provides the quickest way to initially assess your app, letting [bloggers] know if it’s worth downloading and testing further.” 

Benefits of App promo video

benefits of an app promo video
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Search is vital to the discovery of apps. A recent study reveals that nearly 53 percent of Android users and 47 percent of iOS users have discovered the last app they downloaded through searching for app stores. Fostering your app inside the app store makes a ton of sense. The app promo video is the trend that’s making the rounds in all leading app stores.

1. Video always engages the audience

A promotional video can easily catch your public’s attention. Video conveys its value clearly to the audience. In addition to discovery, a promotional video can give you a better understanding of your product. The promo video can create excitement in just a few seconds by showing what your app is all about, and its purpose.

2. New interaction tools help to quickly and easily generate audience attention

Vision is hallucination without impressive execution. In recent days, videos have been a major hit. Anything visual is accepted entirely. It can help get more control over its use, drive engagement, and influence visitors to take immediate action. The hint here would be to make the promo video using the latest tools.

3. Your 30-second promo video is sharable

In their algorithm, social media greatly encourages video. They are heading hand in hand. A 30-second video is a big hit on almost all social media platforms. The current trend among all social media users is “seeing is believing!” Use social media platforms to generously share your app promo video. Your promotional videos can act as a powerhouse strategy that can have a greater impact on user behavior. If your promo video is capable of catching the attention, there is a very high chance that social media users will instantly download your app.

4. It can educate your audience

Video promotion helps to determine the value of your proposal for a product. What benefits does your product offer? Who for? Why? For what? What is the benefit of that? These are the four points each marketer can focus on when designing a promotional video. If your video answers those questions, you describe what makes you different for your customers. This kind of clarity is what the present public is looking for. You can let them have a look at the features and understand the benefits. This way you are educating them correctly and helping them make the right decision. Such a value proposition also helps to retain clients who download your app.

5. It can generate publicity

A new study says that 84 percent of professional marketers either produced or outsourced at least one video to promote their brand/offerings. Marketers make an enormous investment in creating Video.

6. It can enhance search ranking 

Just by creating a good app doesn’t bring you closer to a successful enterprise. Your application needs to be discovered, accessed, and accepted. A recent study reveals that the benefits of video marketing are seen by 76.5 percent of marketers and small business owners. Right promotion can work well with search engine friendly strategies.

7. Promo video helps you to grow

Videos are the best bet for many businesses today. It can easily generate an identity and act as a great marketing tool. It can reach widely and this helps you to grow, expand the user base, and increase your revenue.

8. Evidence of App Promo video marketing’s power

Augmented reality game based on location, Niantic’s Pokémon Go created a revolutionary user base acquisition soon after it was launched back in July 2016. By now, the entire world is aware that the app enables players to catch virtual characters mapped to real-time locations. What fascinates is that within a week of its launch, the app has become the most popular gaming app for generations without any gender and age barriers. Touted to be the biggest hit in the history of mobile gaming, the app generated an estimated revenue of 3.9 million -4.9 million on the first day of its launch. Apple also announced that Pokémon Go was the 2016 app with the most downloads. With 65 million active monthly users as of August 2017 and 750 million download times, this game app had nothing but a specific strategy to market its launch. The game was launched in 2014 with only one promo video/trailer.

The company used a 30-second promo video a week before the official launch, that went viral across social media. The company has seen its tweet receive a huge response. Promotion happened automatically with retweets, likes, etc. Many officially and unofficially uploaded the footage and demo videos. This was enough for the popularization of the game. The app originated from nowhere and took over the entire world of the game app. 

Key Takeaway

Promotional videos act as a powerful way of marketing your app to all app stores.

The biggest storyline out of this mobile gaming app is that it has less to do with the commercials themselves (rather nothing) and more to do with the way it excited visitors through its demo video. Conversation with social media and mobile force is passed on at high speed. Marketers need to understand this culture of sharing communications and use the best possible means to socially share their content. 

Clash of Clans App is another interesting example. This epic fight strategy game was launched with a trailer that attracted many people worldwide.

Ok, how do I make these videos?

Now that you’ve understood App promo video’s benefits, it’s time to understand key points that will help you accomplish this task. You can’t just miss out on this window of opportunity to create great videos. 

  • Follow the goal 
  • Make sure your promotional videos go with the correct caption 
  • Design it so it can be shared across multiple platforms 
  • Use good quality pictures 
  • Keep your ideas easy and simple 
  • Create an emotionally connectable story with the audience 
  • Sink perfectly with the audio and video 
  • Keep it error-free 
  • Besides keeping it educational and informative, make sure it is entertaining too


You may be left behind due to a lack of discovery. So, all of you app launchers out there! Make a 30-second video of the App Promo before releasing it to the public. The duration could be up to 2 minutes. In reality, the new 30-second lengthy teaser videos for autoplay have been enabled in the recently updated iOS 11 App Store. Make the most of that opportunity. Promotional videos can help you with various promotions in addition to using them in the App Store. Almost all social media platforms now include video. It’s generating a lot of brand exposure. They can also increase engagement and lead generation. They can also increase engagement and lead generation. Whether it’s a demo video, trailer, video explainer, or anything else visual that talks about your product, it’ll be a terrific promotional tool for you.

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