Best +5 Mobile App Ideas To Skyrocket Your Startups Growth

Mobile App Ideas for Startup: If you need the best way to target a large user base with minimal investment for your business, you should go with mobile apps. Scalable, user-friendly and highly functional mobile apps are a great solution to reach out to users across different geographics.

Even many app ideas excite the zeal among entrepreneurs. And! Why not? For recent years, mobile app ideas have been boosting business revenue with excellent ROI capabilities. 

While websites were the most significant trend of earlier years of the decade, the last couple of years were entirely about the growth of mobile apps.

Now mobile apps have become an essential point of communication between businesses and consumers. Here are some statistics that show the importance of mobile phones nowadays. 

  • Presently, Google Play Store has more than 2.9 million apps
  • 79% of people use apps for e-commerce shopping instead of the website
  • Every month, nearly 100,000 new Android apps are launched in Google Play Store

If you are still confused about why you choose mobile apps for your business’ growth, here are some convincing reasons.

Why invest in mobile apps in 2021?

Several reasons indicate the need for a mobile app for businesses. Let’s take a glance at some of the most important reasons.

  • Consumers prefer mobile apps to purchase services and products
  • The mobile app has a higher conversion rate than websites
  • Mobile app helps to achieve improved marketing communication
  • Mobile app creates a customized consumer experience to boost revenue and lead generation
  • The mobile app offers you the opportunity to access the global market and enhance the brand’s online presence
  • Mobile app helps you improve customer interaction 

Many business owners, especially startups, are always confused while choosing Mobile App Ideas for Startup’ business growth. If you are one of them, here are some evergreen app ideas that can help win the game and thrive as a great brand in 2021.

Mobile App Ideas for Startup – Top mobile app ideas to fuel your startups

#1 – Food delivery app

Food delivery app ideas are in vogue with the increased demand for food delivery at work and home.

Food delivery management systems and online ordering apps help restaurants to get more sales and process everything at ease. In addition, these mobile applications grab consumers’ attention by enabling access to exciting menus from restaurants. 

#2 – Taxi booking app

Nowadays, people are looking for a safe way to travel from one destination to another, especially during the COVID pandemic. That’s why a taxi booking app is designed to ease transportation.

A reliable taxi booking app allows taxi services to get leads, and people can easily find rides. This mobile app idea lets you transport at the lowest price and avoids the hassle of finding transportation. 

#3 – Fintech app

Fintech app development is gaining massive popularity in the digital era as people are more inclined towards online payment and purchasing online financial assets.

If you invest in money transfer apps or fintech solutions for budgeting, it can help your startups thrive as a famous fintech company. In addition, peer-to-peer money transfer and stock buying/selling apps are thriving swiftly. 

#4 – Banking apps –Mobile App Ideas for Startup

Investing in a banking app startup idea will be fruitful and can hand you success in no time. Banking software enables banks to function with ease.

Many banking app development companies deliver solutions that will allow both banks and users to send, receive and withdraw money with ease. In addition, user-friendly banking apps help educate people about new policies and conditions of banks and customer care. 

#5 – E-learning apps

E-learning app development is rapidly adopted by many education institutions, especially after the COVID pandemic. And! Why not? This app allows schools, colleges, and other educational institutions to manage student data, teacher data and stay connected with students anywhere.

Moreover, these apps enable students to study at home and get interactive lectures for every topic related to their subjects. What’s more, these apps also extend the education system and the potential for academic progress. In short, such Mobile App Ideas for Startup are the perfect choice to skyrocket your business growth. 

#6 – Fitness app

Today, a healthy body is the dream of every person. So, everyone is extensively using a fitness app to improve and track their health.

Fitness apps provide suggestive measures such as diet plans, workout sessions, and exciting workouts to improve their health and achieve their fitness. In addition, this app also offers a cross-selling opportunity depending on user preferences and the need for data. 

#7 – Social Media Apps

If you want to hit the social media area, digital networking is the first thing that you need to focus on. Social media apps can be one of your 2021 mobile app business ideas leading you to achieve your business goals.

Your solution should touch bases with all the industry leaders from bringing audiences from Facebook and Instagram to business networks. Coming up with an app that allows the users to connect on all platforms is a boon for any startup, especially for those who are more inclined towards customer interaction. 

#8 – Subscription Tracking App – Mobile App Ideas for Startup

Right from music app subscriptions to application store subscriptions, there are several platforms where users are subscribed. So, make sure an app should make its way into the market, which can track all subscriptions and allow users to know when the following subscriptions are due and what amount must be reduced. 

Today, a heap of trendy mobile app ideas in the market allows you to kick-start a new business from scratch. They can also help enhance your old business strategy by engaging with the tech-savvy audience of the 21st century.

However, if you want to start a business, you need to hire a dedicated mobile app development company to get a futuristic app for your target audience. 

How can Yugasa help in mobile app development?

At Yugasa, we have a dedicated team of mobile app developers who deliver the best app development solutions to their clients. We design and develop impressive mobile apps that connect brands with users that grow your business from idea to genuine. Want to get a feature-rich and futuristic app for pushing ahead your startup? Contact our experts today! 


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