Create a carrier App for an On-Demand Delivery platform

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Delivery Platform: Over the years delivery services in India have grown tremendously. The revenue from on-demand deliveries is also expected to grow too high in 2019. Still, many drivers or delivery apps are in a market that is not able to perform well in the market. On-demand delivery services face many challenges with the delivery process. The major problems faced are lack of real-time tracking and lack of information about orders.

Many of the carrier or driver apps are lacking some of the features. Today we will talk about some of the features that your driver app for the on-demand delivery platform should have.

Proof of delivery – Delivery Platform

create a carrier app for an on demand delivery platform
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There are many times disputes arise due to improper communication or lack of information about delivery proofs. Proof of delivery is usually provided using pin codes or photos or bar codes. The major purpose is to inform the customer that the delivery has been made. Also, this feature shows the status of delivery and any other important data during delivery. But still many problems were seen during delivery. So major apps use now digital signature from the client confirming the delivery has been made. So this is one of the major features a carrier app should have.

Offline Availability

Most of the apps fail because of their limited availability or no offline availability. The driver app should be able to download information on customer’s phone so that he can access it even offline. This feature is most in places or countries where internet connection is limited. Whenever an app is offline, it can keep capturing data and can push it to the server as soon as the connection is restored. Uber’s optimistic mode is a great example of such offline facility.

Driver Dashboard

Generally, a driver dashboard provides all necessary information of the driver. Drivers want to keep track of every payment. The driver dashboard shows all the earnings and total traveling of the driver. T helps them keep the correct record of payments made and the status of other deliveries. On the dashboard, the driver should be allowed to update their bank accounts as per their need. They should be provided full information about a number of deliveries, payment, total earnings, fuel expenses, and many other important data. Thus this feature must be added to the driver or carrier app.

Location awareness

Obtaining a location-based data is a must for a driver app. Locations APIs can track a user’s location and their movements up to their final destination. This also helps to find the shortest route for the driver. Companies use these facilities in different forms. For instance, Uber’s Fuel Finder helps to find the nearest fuel station for the driver. Even this app finds the shortest way to these stations. Many times drivers or delivery people are unaware of the places for delivery. So this feature should be included in the carrier app.

ELD capability

ELD capabilities in your app will let your users avoid the cost of proprietary e-logging hardware. The best example of ELD capability embedded app is Samsara Driver app. This app provides easy-to-use hours of service features.

With the popularity in on-demand delivery platforms, carrier apps are also getting huge importance. Everyone wants to buy things using apps and also want them to be delivered home. So carrier app and their popularity are increasing highly. Here we have talked about some of the features that a carrier app should have. We hope this was helpful to you.

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