Don’t Forget To Do This Before You Launch Your Mobile App

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Mobile App Launch Strategy: The app market has grown to be more competitive over the years and startups are finding it challenging to be discovered in a sea of competition.

Drafting an effective Mobile App Launch Strategy is essential for paving the way to a successful launch and a fruitful position in the app marketplace.

There has been a significant hike in the variety and types of business apps that are being launched, with more consumers turning to mobile apps to interact with brands.

In fact, it is shown in research that between 2016 and 2020, yearly downloads will double to roughly 284 billion. As such, it has become highly important to have a comprehensive strategy and successful app launch in order to compete in this competitive landscape.

There are 3 essential stages to manage an effective launch:

  • Pre-Launch Activities
  • Launch Activities
  • Post-Launch Activities

1. Pre-Launch Activities

  1. Market Research

Market research is an essential step in developing an app as it identifies whether there is a demand for your product and shows the opportunities for creating your USP.

Conducting a competitive analysis involves identifying who your competitors are. This helps to analyze how you can do differently from your competitors. 

  1. Conduct Beta-testing

Testing your app on real users before launch is a crucial step. Building an interactive platform is a powerful tool for gathering crucial feedback on your app design and user flow. This allows the scope of improvement and helps you overcome your errors. This will allow you to make necessary changes to your design quickly, avoiding any re-work down the line.

  1. In-App Analytical Research

Measuring and monitoring app engagement and user behavior through in-app analytics can provide invaluable insights into how to enhance the user experience and develop an optimal marketing strategy.

  1. Provide an In-App Feedback Channel

Creating an easy to use feedback channel within the app to encourage user engagement and communication helps to solve the conflicts and user issues internally. Once, a review is done on the app store, it is visible to other users and affects the rating also. In order to maintain the app’s credibility, you need to create a transparent communication channel.

  1. Develop a Marketing Plan

Best Marketing is done through the customers!

Encourage these beta-test users to become early promoters of your app and to build the promotional network further. You may organize some giveaways to develop a loyal user base. Successful apps are promoted well before they are available to download for the public. 

  1. Create a Web Landing Page

Landing Page helps you build a transparent and credible platform. It must contain a call-to-action feature for users to keep engaged in your app. Design a clean landing page that shows your app’s screenshots, features, launch date, etc…

  1. Build Your Network

Your network is your net worth! Leverage social media for effective branding of your app. You may collaborate with other influencers in the same field, this helps to promote your brand amongst their audience as well.  

  1. App Promotion

Social media helps to drive organic growth and engagement for your app. Promoting your app on social media allows you to create hype and drive traffic to your landing page and the app stores. This helps to create a loyal fan base and an audience cheering for you.

  1. Review Official Submission Checklist

Both Apple and Google have developed their own guidelines for the brands to be followed for app maintenance. Make sure to have proper information about the guidelines and rules set by the app stores and play store.

  1. Localize Your App

The global market definitely has more potential than a regional one, therefore, it is important to make sure your app is built to cater to the local language of your target market. This will make your audience feel inclusive and builds trust. Thus, localizing as per the region could be a great step for local app promotion. 

2. Launch Activities – Mobile App Launch Strategy

  1. Invest in App Store Optimisation

Since one of the major methods of discovering the app is still through app store search, it is important to invest in app store optimization. The higher an app ranks in a store the easier it is for potential users to discover. Therefore, in order to achieve organic growth, you need to optimize your app store listing.

  1. Follow up with PR

After creating a buzz about your app in the virtual world and generating revenue, you may proceed to offline marketing such as hoardings and banners at the marketplace. You may also consider getting sponsorships from renowned brands.

3. Build your store ratings

Make sure that you get ratings and reviews from your users. This builds authenticity and transparency. Also, makes your rank appear in the top searches.

  1. Use Paid Ads

Paid Ads are always an effective method to get your app rank higher. This increases the visibility and there are high chances of people choosing the app to download.

3. Post-Launch Activities – Mobile App Launch Strategy

  1. Plan Ongoing Engagement

At this stage, you need to be creative to create engagement to retain your users and at the same time, to develop a new user base. You may develop some platform or community for your users so that they can learn and grow.

  1. Monitor App Performance

Keep a close eye on the app’s performance. Analyze the user data and responses to plan the next course of action. 

  1. Create Regular App Updates

After analyzing the user data and app performance, you need to ensure the smooth functioning of the app features. Talk to your community to detect early bugs and assure corrective measures.

  1. Re-evaluate Your Marketing Strategy

You need to develop your marketing strategy as your users evolve. Develop design thinking abilities and come up with creative solutions to leverage the different tools available to gauge the performance of your app.

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