How a Mobile App Can Grow Your Startup Exponentially: Top 10 Ways Decoded

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 Mobile Apps for Startups: Imagine a scenario. You have started your first eCommerce startup. You create a terrific website. With impeccable product descriptions, you project your brand well.

In addition, you have begun marketing campaigns via different platforms like email, social media, SMS, and more.

But, six months down the line, you don’t see steady growth in your customer base. 

What more can you do to leverage your customer base?

That’s when a mobile app acts as your business savior. More and more businesses these days are engaging in mobile app development to increase business revenue.

Mobile app design is crucial to the growth of your startup as:

  • Research shows that mobile users are set to increase to a whopping 6.4 billion in 2021.
  • The State of Mobile Report 2020 report shows that communication & social apps are the most preferred apps, with users spending more than 50% of their time on them.

Hence, worldwide, the reliance on desktop apps are decreasing, and mobile app is increasing. As an emerging startup, it is imperative for you to use this app platform and stand out.

This blog walks you through the advantage of mobile app development for your startup.

10 Advantages of Launching Mobile Apps for Startups

By designing a mobile app for your startup, you increase the customer engagement levels, collect instant customer feedbacks, provide instant customer support, and more.

Let’s understand each of these benefits in detail.

  • Increase Customer Engagement Levels

Most people these days are more active on smartphones rather than desktops. Hence, it is easy to get their attention to your products using a mobile app. Send them product launch messages, mail them a newsletter highlighting your company events, and so on. These tactics will increase the interaction with your customers and increase their brand awareness levels.

  • Easy to Leverage Mobile App Push Notifications

Regular push notifications allow your users to be up to date with the new features of your app, promotions & offers, and new career opportunities.

In addition, push notifications are less distracting as compared to popup notifications. Hence, when users find value in your content notifications, they will become trusted users of your app.

  • Provide Prompt Customer Support – Mobile Apps for Startups

Customers appreciate your brand if you are proactive in responding to their complaints and solving their pain points.

A mobile app solves this problem as your customer can easily reach out to you with the click of a button. They could be traveling or doing their routine chores, and post a query on the go.

  • Capitalize on the Right Audience Segmentation


Mobile apps are a great source of your customer’s demographic details like age, income, location, marital status, and more. These details are necessary to segregate your audience into varied groups & conduct specialized marketing campaigns.

  • Collect Customer Feedback with InApp Surveys

It is convenient to set up InApp surveys to collect instant feedback from your customers. In this way, you can better understand your customers’ satisfaction levels: are they happy with your product?

Or, are they unhappy? Also, you can set up a live chat survey post your customer support call. This exercise enables you to finetune your customer support team.

  • Create a Unique Brand Image – Mobile Apps for Startups

Eye-catching colors, fonts, logos, and product descriptions give a unique identity to your brand. Customers look up to as thought leaders. In this way, your chance of increasing your customer base enhances.

  • Easy to Link Different Social Media Platforms

Usually, mobile apps come with social share buttons. Using these buttons, you can encourage your customers to share company news, blogs, or reviews on different platforms. Also, you get broader exposure to different types of audiences for your business.

  • Enhance Chances of Referral Marketing

In referral marketing, a satisfied customer refers your products/services to their friends or family. A mobile app enhances their chances of referring your business via reviews.

You can easily send a link to your customers and ask them to drop a review on your website or a third-party website. In this way, your brand credibility increases.

  • Use the Power of Customer Loyalty Programs – Mobile Apps for Startups

Customer loyalty programs are tactics to reward your most valued customer. They could be your returning customers or high-value customers. Mobile Apps for Startups, A mobile app is an excellent way to notify a loyal customer of reward points or vouchers. In this way, you build an atmosphere of mutual trust.

  • Reduce Budget for Your Marketing Campaigns

A startup needs to allocate a budget for different aspects like website design, product development, sales, and more. Marketing campaigns also eat into the budget of a nascent startup.

That’s when a mobile app can cut down the expenditure of a marketing campaign. You just need to keep the engagement level high with the existing customers, get referrals, and reward them. In this way, you get new clients without expensive campaigns.

Final Thoughts: Use Mobile App to Enhance Your Brand Value!

The mobile app download is seeing a rising world over. Businesses, especially startups, can capitalize on this trend to enhance their business. Mobile Apps for Startups, While the right app design improves your brand’s visibility, social media share buttons give you wide exposure to a different audience.

Overall, the initial investment in a mobile app is a great way to reduce marketing expenses. You never know; your next customer can be a fruitful outcome of referral marketing.

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