How AI is going to dominate the mobile market in 2022 ?

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I was filling out a form the other day and my keyboard conveniently helped me fill details like my full name, date of birth, address, etc. without me having to type the entire sentences or even full words for that matter. I was both excited as well as worried at this. Worried because I understood that whatever I type on my mobile was being recorded and stored by a third party company and can be used for its own benefits. But certainly there are rules and regulations that prevent this from happening. The excitement part is worth discussing as it is something that is trending and has a lot of business potential in today’s world of digitalization. The technology that helped me is called Machine Learning combined with Statistical Learning, both of which are a part of an ever developing technology called Artificial Intelligence.

Artificial Intelligence has indeed changed the way we think and work since its inception a couple of years back. At first, Artificial Intelligence was thought to be a technology that would help the field of robotics. But gradually it was discovered that Artificial Intelligence could be used in various day-to-day activities. This gave birth to many new technologies such as Machine Learning, Data Mining, Natural Language Processing (NLP), Social Intelligence, Statistical Learning and so on. With so many technologies being made available, businesses are looking at different ways in which they can deploy these to improvise their organizations at the best pace possible. Artificial Intelligence is believed to enhance the mobile markets in a very dominating way. Let us learn more about this in the following article.

How is AI affecting the mobile industry:

The sales chart of smartphones has always been on the rise since it started. Last year i.e. 2017, more than 1500 million smartphones were sold all across the globe. One of the important features of the smartphones that is making them so popular is without any doubt Artificial Intelligence. It is used in these phones in various forms for chatbots, search engines, eCommerce apps, IoT devices and many more. Artificial Intelligence is indeed the key technology used for re-marketing and predictive analysis.

Analysis done over the years show that AI has become an integral part of the mobile industry with AI being extensively used by almost all applications in various categories. Today one cannot imagine a mobile application without the use of AI in it. Investors have also been keeping an hawk’s eye on this drastically growing technology and a lot of them have already invested huge sums into the development of AI in the mobile industry. Technologies like Data Mining, Speech Recognition, Virtual Agents and Machine Learning are being used by the mobile app developers to make the apps more interesting for the users. With AI, it would be possible for the developers to ensure that users experience reality to the nearest possible form.

In the year of 2022, the use of AI is certainly going to increase and the industry that is going to make the most of this mind-blowing technology would be the mobile market. With AI being an integral part of almost all mobiles the number of consumers using mobiles across the world will also increase as this makes their life easier. This in turn ensures that AI reaches new heights with time.

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