How much does it cost to make an app in California

Cost to make an app in California: In such a time where almost every person holds a smartphone, the application development industry has seen a steep rise.

The mobile app market shows no sign of stopping and, of course, increasing numbers of people are investigating the question of how much it costs to make an app. While we are all using apps for communication, games, lifestyle, business, food, sports – for some of us, creating your own app is business.

The good news is-it ‘s not as costly as most of us might think. Here, we have given a brief excerpt on the cost of developing apps and their main considerations in California.

According to a Clutch survey, skipping all the factors in cost breakdown, a median price to create an app from expert agencies is $171,450. For an app with dozens of features, online app cost calculators name a price tag between $200,000 and $350,000. While the typical cost range is $100,000 – $500,000, indicated by the app development companies. But there’s no need for panic – small apps with few basic features might cost between $10,000 and $50,000, so there’s a chance for any business.

The cost of creating a mobile app usually varies significantly: from absolute zero to extremely high rates that could touch millions. And, unfortunately, due to various factors at play, there is no clear response to this inquiry. Various developer rates, the complexity of the project, and the time it takes to build an app affect the cost of making a mobile application. The price for making an app will depend on the following aspects:

1. Type:

·   Business

·   Game

·   Education

·   Lifestyle

·   Entertainment

·   Utility

·   Social and many more

2. Platforms:

·   Android

·   iOS

·   WP

3. Design:

·   based on a template

·       based on personal requirements

4. No of Pages

5. Type of app:

·   Native

·   Hybrid

6. Version Support

7. Database:

·   MongoDB

·    MySQL and many more

8. ERP Integrations:


·       ORACLE

9. CRM Integrations:

·   Zoho

·    Salesforce

10.  Mobile API:

·   NodeJS

·    Ruby

11.  Content Management System or CMS:

·   Ruby

·   Angular

·    BackBone

12.  Analytics:

·   Google Analytics

·       mixpanel

13.  Mobile Payments:

·   PayPal

·   Stripe

·    bitcoin

14.  Ecommerce Integration

15.  User settings:

·   Accounts

·   Email login

·   Social login

·   Activity feed

·    Group Calls, etc.

16.  Additional Features and Infrastructure:

·   Audio, Camera

·   Geolocation/Maps

·   Chat

·   Gallery

·       3rd party API and many more

If we divide mobile apps into 3 categories in terms of complexity (simple, moderate, complex), and take into account 2 types of hourly rates, this is how much app costs to make – approximately:

1. Simple- A simple app is a basic app which has features like,

·       No API integrations

·       No back-end

·       Simple features like an email subscription, social login, calendar, etc.

·       Standard UI components

and takes approximately 400 hours to complete, can cost:

·       approx $20,000 at a rate of $50/hour

·       approx $40,000 at a rate of $100/hour

2. Moderate- A moderate app, also suitable for most businesses and startup, can have features like,

·       Custom UI features

·       Payment features and integrations

·       API integration

·       Headsets and Tablets adaption

·       Back-end server connectivity

and takes approximately 500-800 hours to complete, can cost:

·       approx $25,000-$40,000 at a rate of $50/hour

·       approx $50,000-$80,000 at a rate of $100/hour

3. Complex- A complex app can have diverse features and can be customized according to a specific business can have features like,

·       Multi-language support

·       Complicated back-end

·       Professional Design

·       Real-time features

·       3rd-party integrations

and takes approximately 800-1500 hours to complete, can cost:

·       approx $40,000-$75,000 at a rate of $50/hour

·       approx $80,000-$150,000 at a rate of $100/hour

Remember, the above figures function only as a guide to understand the possible expense of creating a mobile app. Every app is different, it’s like inquiring about a house price or a car – without specifications, you can’t know the exact price. Plus, the estimate is based on the minimum amount of time and technical efforts required to build an app. And of course, be prepared to pay more to make your app fantastic.

app cost

Now, next lies a more realistic method for measuring the cost of your app. An average cost for making an app depends heavily on which type of app you choose to develop.

1. Native apps

Large and heavy apps striving for the best user experience, optimization, and fast function. They can use the APIs of different devices and at the same time process a wide range of features. Native apps will get as costly as a number of services that you choose to support and then more people will be interested in the process of app creation. Native apps are typically business apps, apps for entertainment, and apps for education purposes.

2. Hybrid apps

Or cross-platform apps that are best suited from the outset to reach a larger audience. If a team is involved and a single code works for all platforms, their development and maintenance cost less. Cross-platform applications, meanwhile, are less optimized, lack access to APIs, and can not provide the native user experience. They are suitable for apps for small and medium-size communication, lifestyle apps or game apps.

3. Basic Functionality apps

They are quick to develop and have very few or even no features at all. Mostly they are designed for personal use and you probably won’t find anything like that in any app store. They are usually made to display a list of topics – by clicking on one of them, a user can view information about it, or open a new list.

4. Database-driven apps

More complex apps that operate with massive data, stored directly in the device memory or on a web server. Additional features, such as camera, internet connection or gallery access may be required to work as desired. Various mobile dictionaries or encyclopedias are examples of such native apps that use device memory to store data library.

5. Apps that rely on the device firmware/hardware

Such types of applications have access to a mobile device and are intended to enhance its functionality. It might be a camera, a flashlight, an alarm clock, or any other feature. For example, a selfie app or an alarm app.

6. Game apps

Games can be both basic and complex, with 3D graphics and physics, global ratings, support for AR, and even integration into social media. A more complicated game naturally costs more, but it’s hard to say exactly without calculating how much it would cost to make a game. Gaming apps are the world’s most common application category and are typically the most profitable. Take Angry Birds to develop and make $70 million in the first year which costs nearly $140,000.


So, how much does making an app cost? It hinges on a lot of factors. Includes implementation costs, program size, complexity, and emerging technologies. With our little research, we hope to help you find your own answers. If not, we ‘re always willing to help you estimate your idea for the app.

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