How to easily find investors for your mobile app startup? 

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Mobile App Startup Investors: The smartphone app market is booming, and anybody with a good idea wants a piece of it. But wait, isn’t just having an idea enough?

No, no, no! You’ll require a lot of money to create a highly scalable and unique mobile app. Financial investments are required for market research, product development, marketing efforts, and other stages of app development. 

However, raising funds for your software is no easy task. As a result, you’ll need to acquire investors for your company.

Make sure to do some basic research before pitching your business idea or app concept to investors. Investors will undoubtedly invest in your idea if it appears to be groundbreaking. 

Investors of various types – Mobile App Startup Investors

The market provides a number of funding options. You’ll need to hunt for investors in different areas and pitch your ideas in different ways depending on your app idea, the amount of money you need, and the stage you’re at. 

So, without further ado, let’s look at the various types of investors you can encounter.


How to easily find investors for your mobile app startup

  1. Family and friends: It’s usually the easiest to persuade family and friends that your app idea is worthwhile. However, in most circumstances, your personal ties can only help fund a firm in its early stages. You can put that money toward market research and developing a prototype to present potential investors. You must also investigate other options in order to accomplish more.
  1. Co-founders: The second option is to enlist the help of friends or family members as co-founders. People are more willing to invest in your enterprise if they believe your idea has adequate promise. If you have enough faith in them, you can also locate people outside your network to co-found your company. 
  2. App contests: There are a variety of app contests that take place all over the world. These app contests allow entrepreneurs the opportunity to present their idea to investors and persuade them to fund their products, despite the fact that they are incredibly competitive.

How to easily find investors for your mobile app startup

  • The following are the important steps to gaining investors’ trust and raising funding for your unique idea:

Validate your concept: Coming up with a decent concept might be difficult. You’ll need to come up with innovative solutions that will help clients address their problems.

Working on your area of interest or passion is a good place to start. After you’ve come up with an intriguing app concept, the following step is to validate it to ensure that it’s viable. Investors are hesitant to fund a pre-existing app concept. 

  • Define the size of the market

You can obtain an indication of the size of the market you might expect by examining the competitive climate.

You must specify your target audience and market share so that you can give genuine numbers to your potential mobile app stakeholders about the potential prospects and threats. 

Know the fundamentals of investment: Knowing the fundamentals of running a company and raising funds yourself will help you acquire the trust of possible investors and persuade them to invest in you.

Mobile App Startup Investors, This will assist you in determining the type of capital to invest and the many investment stages available. 

  • Determine your revenue strategy.

Apart from learning the fundamentals of investing, you should also focus on developing a revenue-generating strategy.

The investors will be more willing to fund your mobile app development if you present them with a simple and clear approach. As a result, it’s critical to research alternative monetization tactics and be prepared to answer inquiries about them. 

  • Make an MVP – Mobile App Startup Investors

The MVP (Minimum Viable Product) is the first version of a product with the most basic functionality. 

It’s a cost-effective and efficient solution to assist investors to understand how your product works. Before approaching mobile app investors, you can use an MVP to figure out if your app has a chance of succeeding. 

  • What are the phases of funding a mobile app?

Let’s talk about the different stages of app fundraising now that we’ve seen how to attract investors for an app. 

  • Pre-seed:

Pre-seed is the stage in which your software is still simply a concept and no work has been done on it. Because the majority of funding comes from friends and family or your own money, this stage is referred to as an informal round. 

Seed stage: This is the second stage of investment, and it focuses on your company’s initial growth. Your mobile app startup is still in the seed round, and you’re still working on refining the product. You’re

searching for funding to continue your research, evaluate the product-market fit, and hire a team. Angel investors, early-stage venture capitalists, and startup incubators are often the first to respond at this level. 

  • Series

A: Getting to this point in your investment signifies you’re well on your road to becoming successful. You’ve proven market-product compatibility and clearly defined your brand’s aim at this step. You begin to concentrate on the expansion of your company and goods. 

  • How much money do you need to launch your app?

There is no set amount to accomplish when it comes to how much capital for an app business is necessary.

The actual amount will be determined by your app concept, the app’s complexity, the team, and other considerations. A simple MVP with minimal features, for example, can cost anywhere from $15,000 to $50,000. 

On the other hand, a more complex cross-platform programme with APIs can cost anywhere from $50,000 to $200,000. 

Finish up

Mobile App Startup Investors, What happens after you’ve gotten funding from investors? Your effort, on the other hand, does not end here. Your app must be improved and maintained on a regular basis.

As your app grows, continue to improve it by soliciting input from users and app investors. Your firm will earn funds as it progresses through the various stages of funding, which may be used to add creative features to the app, improve the design, and scale the business.


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