How to Turn a Website into a Mobile App

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Convert Website to Mobile App: There was a time when developing a website for business was to be enough for their online presence. Every business persons prefer to showcase their services through the website.

But now, in this mobile world, only developing a website is not sufficient to improve brand visibility and enhance the sales and services of the business. In this age of the smartphone, Time and speed have become two major aspects of any business; users need everything in a limited time and in one click.

how to turn a website into a mobile app
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Approx 85% of consumers are preferring mobile apps and only 15% of them are utilizing websites nowadays. Clients want to spend their time on those platforms which are less time taking and best speed optimized. Smartphones are providing all these appliances to their users in each and every part of life.

Convert Website to Mobile App –

It has become a lifesaver for the human by knowing the presence of mobile phones in every field of their life from shopping, entertainment, various bill payments, communication, to social interactions, etc.

Turn a Website into a Mobile App2

There are several reasons which show that companies should invest in mobile app development with their website as it strengthening the brand value and reaches customers in a simple go. Listed below are some important reasons to turn your website into a Mobile App:

1. Give access to more audience

The no of mobile users is increasing day by day due to agility factors. Mobile apps are present and a bright future in the technological world which gives the opportunity to enter into a new market with plenty of feasible consumers.

2. Offline Abilities

Mobile apps can be accessed both online and offline mode. But a website is only accessible in online mode which sometimes got difficult for users to access due to data issues. In this situation, a mobile app is preferred as it offers some basic features/ functionality in offline mode.

3. Quick and Smooth Navigations – Convert Website to Mobile App

Interaction with a website is very complex and tricky. Sometimes users do not understand the flow of a process over the website which makes it complicated for them to interact. No business person wants to provide this type of complexity to their users, so, in this situation, when you will turn your website into the app, it will remove the interaction complexity and will offer quick and smooth interaction for the process.

Each page of the app will be designed with a clean alignment and simple navigation so that a consumer does not confuse while using it.

4. Ability to access extended features:

The mobile apps provide easy access to the extended and specific features that the website does not.

This is a crucial reason to turn a website into a mobile app as it will give complete access to the site’s features and functionality.

With mobile apps, business persons can enhance user interaction by enabling push notification, better camera quality, sending important updates and product offers, and by offering a better way to get the feedback of the product.

5. A better understanding of customer’s needs

Mobile apps are a perfect approach for understanding your client’s needs based on their location, choices, budget, and preferences, etc. It will build a better relationship with the users and help to gain more clients with lesser efforts.

There are mainly two techniques to find and get the target users: Responsive web design and Mobile apps. We will see Responsive web design comparison with Mobile apps so to know whether they provide the same features and user interaction or not?

Responsive Web Design Vs. Mobile Apps – Convert Website to Mobile App

Responsive web designs are a web development method that builds dynamic modifications to the appearance of a website, based on the size of the screen, platform, and orientation. Responsive Web Design is basically an optimized website for mobile phone users which offers better functionality, features and a wonderful visual appearance.

Even after providing these functionalities, responsive web design does not offer the same user experience as the mobile app does. Mobile apps are a type of software that are used to perform some specified tasks and are easily downloadable from the app store.

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Mobile apps offer quicker & better user experience, faster load time and optimized speed, thus they provide better performance than responsive web design. Further, mobile apps give access to some special features like push notification, messaging, and GPS functions, etc. It can work even in the offline mode which allows users to access the app without an internet connection and improve the user experience.

For which platform the mobile apps are built is native in nature and cannot be replaced by any responsive web design.

Responsive web designs work well for the single-page website with minimal features but if you want to gain better user engagement for your product and want to enhance retention and revenue, then turn your website into a mobile app.

You will get to know a number of options to convert your website into a mobile app, in which using online converter software and by hiring a mobile app Development Company is preferred more.

Let’s dig into the options and search the best option to turn a website into a mobile app:

Using online converter software

A converter is an easy and simple way to convert your site into a mobile app. In just a few simple click and drag and drop features you can create your custom mobile app. Converters are basically built for Android platforms and do not design properly for iOS devices. It contains some built-in templates for mobile apps.

In the converter, the program collects all the crucial features of the website and shifts it to the final app which will be published on the app store.

Also, in the converter, you can develop the app through a simple builder utilizing the templates or by pulling the required functionality into the app.

The app’s quality of the converter software is depreciated than the original native apps and does not deliver the same feature and quality of user experience compared to the original apps.

There is no comparison between the converter and native apps but converter, apps are economical, easy to build and have a higher conversion rate than the developers.

Listed below are some of the preferred, fastest mobile app converter which can be used to turn your website into a mobile app.

1.Build Fire

Build fire is a simple converter that will allow you to build a custom app with just some drag and

drop features. It offers some set of features like you can use your brand image, ability to select th e color pattern during the conversion of the website into an app. Furthermore, it gives the ability to add your blogs into the app with the help of RSS feed.


Como is a proper solution for a small type of business. Como converter provides features like scheduling, reservations, customer analysis and the ability to add any content in the mobile app.


DWNLD converters are completely new and have plenty of new features set. It gives the ability to integrate any type of content into your app. For now, it only available for iOS app development.


Onbile converter offers plenty of readymades template which can be used by those who do not want to build their app from scratch. So, with the help of Onbile templates, you can customize and build your app with some basic features.


SwebApps is a unique converter as it offers a set of exceptional features like calculator and lists which is used for better data management through the drop-down list menu.


Mobilloud is a type of converter which is used for WordPress sites. In this converter, the app will be developed with the help of WordPress plugin which will keep updating the app with the website.

Though Converters are very easy and comfortable for use but still, it has some drawbacks which are listed below:

  1. Converter mobile apps offer less user performance, experience, and ability compared to native mobile apps.
  2. Few converters do not provide build-in features to mobile devices.
  3. Converters provide a limited collection of features and functionality.
  4. Most converters only operate with websites that are built with HTML, CSS, and JS. So, even after developing from scratch the app will not look good and will not work properly.

Hiring an App Development Company

Hiring a mobile app development company is always a great choice for mobile app lovers for those who want to get developedWith a mobile app development company, you will get to know: how to turn your website into a mobile app in a proper way.

1.Create an MVP: MVP is a fully-fledged functional prototype with minimal features. It only contains those features which are core and fundamental to the mobile app designing and development. As per the time, it gives the ability to add more features as per the users’ needs. Developing the MVP before fully launching the mobile app gives the opportunity to know the user’s requirement and feedback of the app which improves the quality of an app.

2.Choose the design: While converting your website into the mobile app you should stick to the crucial principle of mobile UI/UX. The app must have consistency, simplicity and gesture-based navigation which will make your app more elegant and simple to use.

Only the core features of your website should be included in the app designs which will keep the app load time low and enhance the user experience. The simplicity of the application helps to improve the serviceability of the app.

3.Mobile Platforms:While developing the mobile app we should ensure that it can effectively work on all platforms like Android and iOS. Mobile apps always provide more advantage than a website.The android platform provides more feasibility, flexibility, and freedom of design, where iOSplatforms have restriction

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While converting the website into the mobile app either you choose to build a native app for a

specific platform or build a hybrid app that will work on multiple platforms.

Conclusion: The mobile app development company that you will select to work on your requirements willfollow the required approaches to turn your website into a mobile app. They will ask your input while developing the app and update the app as per the decisions.

This approach will save your time, money and make your mobile app more profitable.

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