In App Analytics: Making your App successful is our job

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Does your App have many downloads but still it is not very popular? That’s not a surprise! As much as 21% of the people who use the App once dump it after just one use. In fact, one out of five users quit the App after an alarming experience with the App. It is very clear that just the number of downloads doesn’t ensure that your App is liked by the users. So how can you know where your App needs improvement? Or is it really required to know this in the first place? Let us first understand what In App Analytics helps us to do:

  • It helps in monitoring App quality
  • It improves user engagement and app usability
  • It increases user retention and conversions
  • It identifies a few functions that can be added or removed to improve the App

You might have had a good idea as to how important is App analytics. But how do you go about doing it? The following article lets you know exactly the same thing. It gives you the 5 most important App elements that every business should analyze to have a good App.

1. Monitor Bugs and Crashes:

An app is as good as its developer! So the App directly reflects the mindset of the developer. It is important to ensure that crashes are avoided as much as possible and in case there are any it is rectified with-in a short period of time. Using crash analytics like Crashalytics you can understand what is bothering the user and rectify that soon.

2. Performance Analysis:

The essential details of an App can be collected by using the performance analysis. This information is usually related to hardware configuration and network conditions. Analyzing the performance of the app helps to figure out and fix an unusual App behavior during low networks or on poor infra devices.

3. Keeping track about the Push Notifications:

Push notifications can also be very helpful tools to determine how the data of your App is doing. You must keep a track about the timing of the push notifications, the number of times it was viewed, the number of times it was clicked and the time spent on it, etc. This helps to analyze the popularity of the App.

4. App flow pattern:

Yes, there are a lot of people opening your App. But what are they actually looking at in it? What is the kind of user interface they seek? Is it available in your App? Are the users satisfied with the UI/UX that you are using? You must ensure to track all this in your App so that the quality of your App remains at the top always.

5. Action tracking:

Understanding how the user is making use of your App is a crucial part of App Analytics. The time spent by the user in the App, the touch gestures made, the screen length, taps on screen are some key features that one must consider while dealing with in App Analytics.

There are a number of App analytics Platforms offered by Google, Facebook, Amazon, Mixpanel, etc. You can understand the offering of each of these in detail and decide which best suits your business.

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