The importance of NodeJS to develop the best possible App for Entreprises

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App for Entreprises: Most of the big companies in the USA and other parts of the world are growing bigger day by day. One of the major reason is the fact that the companies are adopting NodeJS apps to provide services. NodeJS is a JavaScript cross-platform for open source environment where JavaScript codes are operated outside of a browser. It is becoming the major choice for building an application by major companies.

The revenue generated by companies like Linkedin, Paypal and Netflix are using NodeJS and has  increased due to the usage of technology like the NodeJS. This technology is very suitable for enterprise application. Now there is no need to build a humongous application for business, instead a company can have multiple small apps due to NodeJS. The most interesting part of having a NodeJS app is the if any new function is to be added or any change is to be made, the major code-base can be easily altered.

the importance of nodejs to develop the best possible app for entreprises
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Benefits of Using NodeJS for Enterprise App Development

  • It creates event-driven programming to web portals
  • Scalable servers can be created without threading.
  • NodeJS apps are easy to code.
  • It provides high performance.
  • It increases productivity.
  • In NodeJS apps codes execute faster than in any other language.
  • It makes building apps faster.

Business Advantages of NodeJS for Building Enterprise Apps

App for Entreprises – Express-Innovation And Delivery

There has been a great competition between top companies to gain more and more user-base. The companies with the ability to deliver quick are the leaders in the market. NodeJS apps are providing a great platform for enterprise application development since they are faster than any other JavaScript runtimes. There is huge competition among the companies to increase users, incorporate their feedback and have a periodic update. NodeJS can be a big key to unlock success for such companies.

Cross-Platform Development

In NodeJS a user can use some of the codes from their web app in their desktop versions of windows and macOS. Thus, people working on your web app can deliver a desktop app without any high knowledge of C or any other language to build a native app. Node developers can use tools like Google Chrome Developer Tools helping them in debugging profile backend and desktop apps as faster as a client-side app. All the Node developer tools are cross-platform. It means that a person doesn’t require any particular system to write, debug and build any particular app. Most of the major companies already know that the best and easy way to increase their performance is by the use of NodeJS.

Combining Microservices Pattern With NodeJS

Every company starts small. As time passes they start growing. Sometimes without even noticing they may get a very huge project that their team can’t cope with. It’s obvious that they need to add many new features in their apps or websites without hampering the current users. But it’s very difficult to add new features every time. The best possible solution to this problem is a microservice pattern. In this pattern, a separate team can work from different parts of the world and can work separately in any part of the app. This makes the performance better and also work is divided into teams at different places easily making tasks to be performed faster. Thus, by combining a microservice pattern with NodeJS periodic changes in the app can be easily done by different teams working from different parts of the world.

List of top organizations that use NodeJS for enterprise applications

  • Netflix highly uses NodeJS for their codes.
  • PayPal is very dependent on NodeJS for their growth.
  • NASA uses NodeJS to safeguard their Astronauts and their data.
  • eBay has started using NodeJS.
  • Uber is highly reliable on  NodeJS.


NodeJS perfectly fits in the enterprise world and can be adopted by all the companies willing to grow. High demand for NodeJS can be easily seen by the fact that PayPal has announced to use NodeJS on their entire page. This shows that NodeJS will be in use everywhere within a few years.

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