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Fantasy Sports App Development: The mobile app industry is expanding at an uncountable rate and this is making every business owner driven over the edge to take necessary steps towards developing the best and unique app for their company.

Every sector is adapting mobile apps and hiring the best available app developers to get their app on and running with amazing features. Mobile apps have altered the direction of the market and now businesses of all sizes are planning to design and develop a mobile app for promoting their business and increasing their potential customers.  

Back then the only sport that children and elders were hooked on was Cricket through Television or Radio.

But today, the revolution of technology has covered up all forms of sports starting from domestic to international, one gets to cover the whole game live on your television screens, desktops, or even mobile phones for that matter. And with this came the Fantasy sports app stealing the spotlight.

What is a Fantasy Sports App?

Today, we see most of the mobile app development companies testing their waters in the field of developing a fantasy sports app.

Because of its unending customer base that never ceases to pause but is increasing at quite a rate. Developers are driven over the edge to come up with a robust solution for the fantasy best sports app.

Fantasy sports apps offer users the chance to play various sports or games using the internet. On these apps, participants can form into a virtual team of real players and get the enhanced user experience.

The teams gain points based on their performance. All the collected points are manually calculated by a league commissioner, who coordinates and manages the overall fantasy sports league.

According to a survey, more than 85% of fantasy sports enthusiasts prefer to play games via apps.  Mobile applications play a major role in making the whole process easy and give the users a real-time experience.

Suppose we take an example of ‘Dream 11’, which is a thriving fantasy sports app. Have you ever wondered, how much does it cost to build an app like Dream 11? or What all features does it need to provide a full-fledged user experience?

Let’s learn how the business model of Fantasy Sports App Development Works?

The idea behind these fantasy sports gaming applications is connecting sports fans with their favorite players. Evident to name, these apps definitely fulfill their players’ desires. They get to choose their team to play with.

Here is a brief description of how you can play on this app: Fantasy Sports App Development

1. Select the Match- 

A fantasy Sports app is usually equipped with various ongoing and upcoming matches. So, the first thing you need is to select a match.

2. Form a team- 

To play your game with a group of people, who share the same enthusiasm as you, you need to form a team.

3. Captain of the team-

Once you form into a team, it’s important to assign one player as captain, who has the ability to guide the team towards success.

4. Team Management- Fantasy Sports App Development

You can modify your team at any point in the whole game. Gamers can also keep track of the players to make the most out of the match.

5. Reward Gained- 

When you finish a match, the points earned by your team are distributed among its team members. The user with the highest points will be declared the winner.

Significant Features of Fantasy Sports Apps: 

User Panel Admin Panel
View Player Status Manage Results and Points
Profile Settings Payment / Transaction Management
My Winnings, Scoreboard Fantasy Points Management
My Offers Notifications & Requests
Create or Join Leagues & Tournaments Manage Leagues, Players and Players Assignment

Features to be Included in Fantasy Sports Apps :

Users Panel Admin Panel
Live Chat with Group Dashboard Analytics
Social Media Sharing Other Sports Integration
Live Commentary Feed News Feed Activities
Live Video Streaming of Games Leaderboard for teams, players, user based on income

Let’s look at the Emerging Features that could be the turning point in these Fantasy Sports App Development

AI-based Algorithm:

The Artificial Intelligence based algorithm, when combined with fantasy sports mobile apps, provides the users and admins a wide range of options. Admins can set multiple chances or odds. As this technology enables your app to function on behavioral patterns, it would surely take the business to another level.

Chatbot API Integration:

A developed on-demand app development organization can integrate custom chatbots for any fantasy games with ease. It would change the whole dimensions of the platform.

Blockchain-Based Transaction:

As an app owner, you should use the Blockchain technology to standardize and secure the transaction processes. This move could equally empower both users and admins.

Well, those were some of the features a fantasy sports app has or could have.

Now let’s see a few Fantasy Sports Apps in the market

The presence of different varieties of fantasy sports ensures that gamers will never go out of options. Here are the top app players in the markets:

Dream 11- Fantasy Sports App Development

This one has up the ladder and has triumphed over all the other applications. It is an Indian based flourishing fantasy cricket league platform.


Fanfight fantasy app is also listed among the best fantasy sports apps in the industry. This app has over 1 crore users.


This is comparatively new in this field. It offers less competition for players to ensure a major chance to win points and rewards.

How can you earn money through a fantasy Sports Mobile Application?

  • App development on different platforms (Android, iOS, Hybrid)
  • In-app advertising
  • Offering free leagues
  • Affiliate network
  • Sponsorships


The above article was all about how Fantasy Sports App Development is taking all the limelight among the youth and Gen-Z. These apps are designed with the right technology trends and amazing features which capture the attention of sports enthusiasts.  If you ever want to build a fantasy sports application, you can always rely on Yugasa‘s Experts.

Yugasa Software Labs is a renowned IT solutions provider. They are well-known for their high-end products and services. Their skilled developers have experience in varied fields. With expertise in myriad fields, they’re bound to develop world-class products for their clients. Hope this article has helped you in learning about how Fantasy Sports Apps are booming in the industry.

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