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MOBILE APP DEVELOPMENT TRENDS 2021: If we see the market then we will know that the mobile application development industry is rising day today.

You will find that the trends are changing and see that mobile application development is evolving at a break-neck speed and to survive and thrive in this digital era. 

The research report says that mobile is a basic key to mobile app development and it is one of the trends of mobile app development 2021.

Mobile is transforming business models, operating models, and businesses, at a surprising rate. By the year 2021, MOBILE APP DEVELOPMENT TRENDS 2021 mobile app market revenue is expected to reach $693 billion which is highly great for the industry.

In today’s world, only the mobile’s presence is not enough it needs some more application so that it can make their life comfortable with its features.

The apps which got success in 2019 are not mandatory that they might not possess the same potential in the year 2021.

If you want that your mobile app will get success then you have to implement new and latest trends time-to-time in your strategy.

Only a single strategy with old trends cannot take your applications so it is mandatory to implement new trends in the mobile apps. 

To outsmart your competitors in the mobile application development industry, it is not easy to find the mobile app development trends that are ruling the industry. Here are some mobile application development trends for the year 2021. 

1. Machine Learning (ML)          

 Machine Learning is amongst the most mobile application development trends from last years in this industry.

Machine Learning is playing a very important role in the mobile app development industry.

When Deep Learning joins the hands with Machine Learning, it can do wonders in the industry of mobile application development by proving valuable data and real-time analytics. 

2. Artificial Intelligence – MOBILE APP DEVELOPMENT TRENDS 2021

Everyone is aware of the application Facebook which enables people to talk, chat with each other. It rose in the market with the brilliant use of Artificial Intelligence.

It adds filters that can be used in the user’s picture which can show a picture of yours when you will be older, younger, etc. This generates revenue for the application and is liked by the public too.

In the same way, it is a trend of always which can be used in the year 2021 too. Recently, popular mobile apps like Replica, Google Assistant, etc. got a ray of hope that they also can rise in the market with the help of Artificial Intelligence.     

3. The Rise of Chatbot in the Market

If we see the market then the customer wants an automatic service means they will get their necessary at their home, they will get a solution within the seconds at any time of the day, etc.

This way the shopping apps cover the market by providing these facilities to the customers. The businesses are using the Chatbot to make a perfect customer relationship with the management.

With the help of the Chatbot, they can communicate with their customers and solve their solutions in a single attempt. 

4. Building Apps for foldable

Recently, Samsung introduces this feature in its device which increases the demand for it in the market.

Now other companies also implementing the same feature in their devices and coming into the market so that the trend will go on and they will also take some interest of the customers.

They will use this technology to improve Smartphone experiences in the market. Unfolding the device can provide a big screen to the customer which can give so many other facilities too.

It is easy to carry if it is foldable. It can give more space at a time if you are using it for some official purpose. It can provide you multi-window system too. Big Screens can also help in video streaming and gaming applications.  

5. Wearable App Integration – MOBILE APP DEVELOPMENT TRENDS 2021

Globally it is increasing in demand and in the software too. We can say that wearable app integration will become an important part of everybody’s life.

Recently Apple announced its WatchOs update. It will not require iOS apps but it will have their app which they will use on their devices.

Apple also introduces the watch in the market for independent use which is used by users for their needs.  

6. IoT enabled Mobile Apps

Internet of Things means a network of interconnected smart gadgets. In last year i.e., 2019 Amazon and Google utilizes this technology a lot.

They strengthened the competition of IoT in the market by using this technology. If we see the continuous supply chain in retail, smart homes and savvy health insurance plans are no more stuff.

The demand for IoT enabled apps are increasing in the market with the incensement demand for IoT gadgets and systems.    

7. Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality

AR and VR are some of the latest trends in the industry of mobile application development. Now they are not only increasing the high quality of the gaming apps but also they are taking part in other uses too.

AR is being used by so many technological giants like Apple, Google, etc. Google had introduced tons of new uses with the help of AR and planning to introduce a new feature in Google Maps with the use of AR. Thus, it is an important idea and trend for the year 2021. 

8. Mobile Wallets

If we are seeing that everything is available on smartphones and people are using so many things with smart things like smartwatches, smart shopping, mobile wallets, etc.

Mobile wallets are being introduced by many companies like Apple Pay, Google Pay, Phone Pay, etc. and many more are planning to come into this sector.

It is increasing in the market that’s why it is a big trend for the year 2021 which is very important this year.

People are avoiding carrying and handover the cash to others. Many big brands like Samsung, Apple, Google have been introduced their mobile wallets in the market and cover this sector too.

9. Mobile App Security

Yes, indeed, it is not new but when Uber comes out and tells about the hacking scandal then every app starts to take the security for the apps. Even Google and Facebook admitted its security lapses.

Because of this businesses are looking for investing more in cyber security to protect the data in the application. In 2021, it is expected that cybersecurity businesses will increase.      

10. Beacon Technology

Beacon Technology is new in the market and it is a trend which can be used in the year 2021 and it can spread itself very easily.

Beacon based notification helps the business to reach its customer in a highly contextual manner. It is one of the important trends for the year 2021 and it will be seen more around us.

11. Instant Apps 

In 2016 it was introduced in the market. It has a small size than the usual app and it will help the user.

Users don’t need to download this before using these apps. It can be used instantly and provide you the services without waiting to install it.

It is not only trending between the user but also they are trending among the iOS and mobile app developers in the market.  

12. More Demand for On-Demand Apps

Uber was the only one in the market which is providing a facility that is to decide the price according to the demand of the customer.

In 2021, the on-economy demand will go deeper and give you better service. This is a good idea for a mobile app Development Company if you are thinking to invest in this market.

13. Cloud Storage Development

Cloud Technology plays a very important role in building instant applications. Even iOS also decided to use the cloud in its few apps It helps the data to save the data efficiently with the help of the cloud.

It is cost-effective and secure for the user’s data. Data is very important for the user so it is a trend and idea for the year 2021.

14. Wireless 5G Technology

In the comparison of 4G, 5G is very quick which can solve the problem in very little time. It seems impossible for the user.

With the high radio frequency and high speed of 100GBPS, 5G reaches to be superior for the user in comparison to another network. You can be rich if you will see this sector of the mobile development industry.

15. E-Commerce

With the increase of smartphone e-commerce, mobile apps produce half revenue. It is because people are using this more in comparison to others. A few USPs which this app includes are:- 

  • Mortar Shops
  • Safe Payment
  • Push notification for announcement
  • Customized experience
  • Competitive Benefits
  • High Conversion Rate

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