Top 5 On-Demand Food Delivery apps in India

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Food Delivery apps: We can access anything with the help of our smartphones. Mobile apps are also made for everything from the transaction of bills to everyday items as our trustworthy partner. Mobile apps make work easier. We all know that the mobile food delivery app is very widely famous in India nowadays, right?? 

Who doesn’t like to chill with their favorite food and watch a favorite show in their home comfort zone? Many mobile food ordering apps in India were working on apps that better our lives. We can order our food and have it delivered at home in a couple of minutes using a mobile food ordering app.



Swiggy is India’s leading online food ordering app operating with a huge database of restaurants and food outlets. This app is almost cover urban as well as rural area all over India. This app allows foodies to order food from nearby restaurants and get it delivered at their doorstep. The features that made Swiggy favorite in people are fast delivery, order tracking, or minimum order. Both Android and iOS versions are available. It provides various exciting discounts and coupons with different methods of payment, including COD (cash on delivery) and online payment via debit and credit cards, integrated to the convenience of customers.



 Zomato is a global online restaurant search site and one of the main food aggregators. Zomato provides hygiene as well as the app keeps high-quality standards. This app is available worldwide in approximately 25 countries. Zomato has a particular feature that combines small and big restaurants on a single platform filtered by the GPS system. This app provides reviews of restaurants and great deals and discounts. It provides a user-friendly platform for consumers to review, rate, share, and search for the favorite restaurant or its nearest. Both iOS and Android are available.



Foodpanda is an online delivery app.  All of your favorite restaurants can be found here. It is a user-friendly, fast to order app and it is very convenient and super fast to complete your order. It serves in many countries. The features of Foodpanda providing online services are quick to order, exclusive discounts, vouchers, and attractive regular discounts. It has covered all the large and small restaurants in many of the cities. It is easily available in IOS and Android.



Just Eat is a mobile app for food delivery. This mobile app is available in nine cities and is especially popular in Indian subways. It allows users to order and pay their restaurant partners for the food of their choice. The company includes 82,000 restaurants and all large and small food supply restaurants with a search tool. As per their food choices, the customer can filter the menu. The integrated payment methods of this app include COD and online card payment. It’s available for both IOS and Android.



Domino’s is a very famous and trusted pizza restaurant in India. You can use the mobile app of Domino if you want to order pizza, pasta, garlic bread, soft drinks as well as sweet cakes. The pizza delivery app is one of India’s most famous. For mobile users, coupons offered by the domain are the most attractive feature. Using the Domino app, you don’t have to wait for your favorite pizza at your doorstep at the best rate in a restaurant list and without having to visit the restaurant. In 30 minutes, it delivers your favorite pizza. The apps are available for IoS and Android.

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