What all should a travel booking app have in it for its users

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Travel Booking App: According to a popular research approximately 1.1 Billion people travelled abroad in 2014 for tourism! This graph has always been at the peak since then. With more and more people willing to travel to new places every now and then, the tourism industry has also grown in many different sectors of its own. One such sector would be the Apps related to travel booking. Almost every business in the travel industry has their own Apps for people to travel using their services. But not all of them have been successful. So what is the success mantra that’s missing in those Apps that have not kicked off as expected? Let us discuss a few must haves for every travel booking App.

Hotel Booking – Travel Booking App

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The first and by far the most important thing that comes into play when someone is travelling to a new place would be the challenge of finding a good place to stay. When we say a good place, it means that the place should be clean, tidy and at an affordable price with good food. But a first time traveller will have no clue as to where he can get his suitable hotel. For this, it is very important that the travel booking App is able to give a variety of choices to the traveller to choose the ideal hotel for his stay at the place he is travelling to.

Climate conditions of the travelling city

Whenever you travel to a new place, every little can be expected about the weather condition in that area. So an ideal travel booking App must be able to give the weather conditions in the place the client opts to travel. This helps them plan their tour accordingly. It also for makes them use the App for their travel bookings regularly.

Travel Booking App – Currency exchange rate of the travelling country

There are around 180 currencies in the world, recognised by the United Nations. A good travel App must be able to provide the currency exchange rate of every available type of currency so that the traveller can work out the economic aspects of his tour well in advance and have a happy tour.

Emergency Help locations showing inside the app

There are chances of tours going wrong, a traveller may lose his passport, or his hotel’s location, or something unexpected might happen. A good travel booking App must be able to give the traveller a emergency help location in every city he is travelling to ensure that in case of emergency he gets the help required. This builds a trust between the traveller and the travel booking App. This ensures client retention as well.

Time Zones of various places

The travel booking Apps must also be able to provide the time zones of various places and the difference between the traveller’s home time and the place where he is travelling. This ensures that the traveller can manage his time accordingly with both the places of travel.

Tourist attractions

It is also a good option to show the traveler the tourist attractions in the travel booking App so that he knows what the important tourist places are during his visit so that he can prepare a good itinerary beforehand of his travel.
Having the above suggested features will surely make your App one of the most trusted and used Travel booking App.


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