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My Super Parrot

About the Project

My Superparrot offers a promising solution to schools and guardians to satiate school security, children’s security, School management and keep updated with the facilities of technology.

All the above facilities are possible through the three different parts of the app:

MySuperParrot App

MySuperParrot app is for Parents and School Teachers/ staff. The app has 2 logins option one for parents and another for teachers or staff of the school. Parents will log in by their phone number, after the login, they will be able to see the list of the child, can track the bus or any registered vehicle which will be allotted to their child. Also, they can schedule child pick up as per their need. Every child will be provided a unique route ID through which a four-digit OTP will be generated and sent to respective parents to see their child details like Name, Class, Father’s name and school name. After clicking on the child details, a map will open and will show the current location of drivers with the navigation bar. It will also show the last updated time of location. The same process will go for parents who have more than one child in different schools. They can get the real-time location of their loved ones through live tracking functionality which is the key point of the whole app. It allows parents to be well informed about their kids’ location in real-time. Also, teachers can make their attendance, request for leave, can check in/ check out one time in a day and also do request for attendance. All this will be done by live tracking based on their GEO (latitude and longitude). In this busy schedule, not everyone has the time to drop their kids to school or pick them up. This is when the SuperParrot app comes in handy.

MySuperParrot Saathi

Saathi is built for Admin and Drivers. It provides two login options, one for Admin and another for Drivers. One can log in as Saathi means the driver or as an Admin. Admin can locate, track registered buses and manage child pick up as per the parent’s requirement. Parents can apply for a short pick up of their child by requesting to admin. Drivers will log in as Saathi and will be able to see the route allotted for every child which will be tracked by GPS and broadcast the live location to parents and admin. The app gives parents real-time location of their kids’ bus along with the driver’s name and image. They can also see the speed of the bus on the home screen with the navigation bar. Admin will get well informed of the whereabouts of the Vehicles.

MySuperParrot Athithi

Athithi is a visitor management app that will manage the registered and unregistered visitors of the school. Guard will provide devices (Mobile or tab) to unregistered visitors based on their visiting motive and can track the visitors’ movement in the school. A registered visitor will share his/ her number with a guard which will be used for verification. We enabled an offline feature i.e QR code for guards to allow permission to visitors in the condition of bad network connection.

Depending upon the features and needs, services of the three apps will be subscribed to schools and parents. MySuperParrot (Parent’s app ) is developed in both Android and iOS platforms, MysuperParrot Athithi and MySuperParrot Saathi are developed only for Android users as per the client requirement. The above apps work perfectly fine in any network area and in offline mode too. The main key factor of the apps is student tracking using Google API, broadcasting the live location of drivers after regaining from bad area network, keep an eye on visitors to check their movements in school to provide a healthy learning environment.


The main goal of all the three apps was to provide security to schools, children, and parents with their live tracking functionality. Schools can keep contacts and updates of their visitors for future requirements.

Task Overview:

Understanding the previously done poor code was challenging for us. We had to optimize it to its best that in low budgets. New feature development in the apps was decided to be put after the existing code optimization and that was a perfect decision on our end. We faced lots of challenges in each and every stage of this project and did well to retain its main purpose i.e Visitors management, School security, children security by live tracking and Staff check-in/ check out.

Their Problems:

My SuperParrot came to us with some major issues which were continuously degrading its value. They had server issues, nonstandardized code, check-in/ check-out problems for school visitors, Picture quality while taking pictures of visitors for the verification, document image saving problem in backend during check-in/ check-out time and the main UI of the app. We worked on all these issues and provided the best solution to give life to the app.

Process or Journey:

Yugasa started working on this project from August 2019 and it took 5 months for the completion and 100% quality delivery. Like in every other project, we used to scrum with the developers for getting updates of tasks assigned to them. Did workshops every other day to get new ideas and thought for the accomplishment of the project with the finest delivery.

Our Solutions:

In this journey, our 1st step was to provide a better UI to the app for customer interest with the valuable features and functionality.
So, we had started working with UI and impressed our client to keep trust in us. Then we worked on the check-in/check-out issue of Visitor Management service with and without network connection by enabling QR code functionality. Check-in/ check-out of teachers/staff based on their live latitude/ longitude for their attendance and live tracking of buses for parents and admin to get the live locations of their child. We also had done a special code to get the info about network connection type.
After all development, we helped the client in beta testing by going out of the box when they were going to implement the Saathi app in schools. Our team used to take the mobile app outside during the live environment testing. Yugasa backed up the client during its beta testing at his multiple clients. Some UI changes and suggestions were informed during the beta testing which was elegantly handled and worked upon by the Yugasa team to ensure client satisfaction. Without any delay, we implemented each and every suggestion and idea of our client’s client for their satisfaction. We worked in a consultancy mode in which we had given suggestions to the client considering the mobile app’s scope, we even offered some of those features of ourselves in the app which was not the original scope of the work. Few of those features planned to move to phase 2 because of certain budget constraints in the first phase while many of the small such consultancy outcomes were implemented in the first phase without charging any extra commercials.
We were in daily communication with the client during the development and testing phase, they used to visit our office premises and worked very closely with our team of developers.

Working Environment:

Yugasa team provides a healthy environment for both developers and clients. We are friendly with our clients to know more about their requirements, ideas, and imagination which make us a perfect match for their project. MySuperParrot had experienced the same environment and used to visit our office whenever they needed to discuss anything about the project and the process. We also did workshops with them to get their approval on tasks.


Like in every other project we followed agile methodology in developing MySuperParrot app for both Android and ios by inspecting the need of each user’s requirement. The whole project was broken down into multiple phases and we worked very closely with the client during the execution of every phase. The client was with us in every milestone we delivered to them for their satisfaction and requirement. After every deliverable, our team handled the client’s input with the new tasks.
We have worked with different technologies for frontend, backend, database, and Google APIs.
Frontend: Java, Kotlin, Swift
Backend: PHP, NodeJS(Socket)
Database: SQLite
QR Scanner: Zxing
Firebase used for getting notifications from the server and multiple Google APIs.


MySuperparrot, MySuperparrot Atithi and MySuperparrot Sathi was a challenging project for us as the main obstacle in the whole journey was to keep the live tracking service in the background even after the user got an exit from the app. Every 5 sec we were to ping the URL to check the response of the service. We used a socket for the data transmission in the app.


The app was delivered with 100% quality after overcoming all the challenges encountered with the project execution and we ensured 100% client satisfaction and perfect satisfaction of the end client as well.