Apps on Google Play: Beware of these 150 Apps and Remove Them from Your Phone

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Google Play removed 150 apps: Catchy photos and enticing app descriptions, as well as high review averages, can be found on the profiles. When you look closer, you’ll notice that they have generic privacy policies and basic developer profiles with generic email addresses. They also tend to have numbers in their names such as “Albums+” and “Clouds+”.

That’s why it is important for you to be diligent when clicking around your device or scrolling through the app store listings. “The campaign uses a highly effective method of avoiding detection, requiring minimal work from the cybercriminals while generating maximum profit,” said Avast in a blog post.

A list of the apps removed from the Google Play store

  • Ultima Keyboard 3D Pro
  • VideoMixer Editor Pro
  • FX Animate Editor Pro
  • Battery Animation Charge 2021
  • Dynamic HD & 4K Wallpapers
  • RGB Neon HD Keyboard Background
  • AppLock X FREE
  • NewVision Camera
  • Ultra Camera HD
  • Wi-Fi Password Unlock
  • Wi-Fi Around: All Wi-Fi and Hotspots Unlock
  • Colorful Call Screen & Phone Flash
  • Waterdrinker Reminder
  • GT Sports Racing Online
  • Magic Fonts and Keyboard 2021
  • All Language Photo and Voice Translator Al
  • Crime City: Revenge
  • Reface Ultra

You should check the full list of fake apps to make sure you don’t have any on your phone. Delete any of the programs on that list from your phone if you come across them.

People are downloading these fake Android apps on Google Play because they look legit and have high user reviews. Google Play removed 150 apps, So be careful when you go to download an app or game! You can do this by checking if it has good ratings before you install it. You should also read the reviews before you download any app or game.


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