Bengaluru hospital uses remote Controlled tray in coronavirus COVID-19 wards

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Remote Controlled Tray Coronavirus: In this pandemic situation, India’s battle against the COVID-19 Coronavirus has put all the loads are under health care officials and medical staff.

As a result, they are the most vulnerable to this contagious pathogen.

New groundbreaking approaches are continuously getting tried and improved to keep the peoples who are fighting for us safe from getting the infection. The Victoria Hospital of Bengaluru has come up with a possible solution to the problem. They are using a tray, which is being controlled through a remote.

Remote Controlled Tray Coronavirus

Remote Controlled Tray Coronavirus has two shelves, each fitted with four trays, to put the essential items, such as medicines, water, or food, and moves at a normal speed. the controlled tray is set up near the patient’s bed, where the patient himself can pick up what he needs from the tray.

A short video of 32 seconds demonstrating how the tray works has been tweeted by the Medical Education Minister of Karnataka Dr. K Sudhakar. The video also tells how it will be beneficial for infected patients without putting medical officers or staff at risk.

Dr. Sudhakar wrote: “This is the technology in COVID designated Victoria Hospital to ensure safety of our Doctors & health workers treating COVID patients.”


Meanwhile, the number of positive COVID-19 cases in Karnataka (on 27 April) has reached 511, including 20 deaths, and 188 patients recovered from the virus.

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