How to build a perfect Offshore dedicated development team?

Three new startups are launched every second! At this rate there must have been millions of
startups that are running globally. But this is not the case because 9 out of 10 startups tend to
fail! When a study was made to know the various reasons behind such a vast failure rate for
startups, one of the reasons was out sourcing of business. The idea of building an offshore
dedicated development team went wrong in most of the cases. Startups always think twice
before they go ahead to get an offshore dedicated development team for them. This article
talks about how startups can build their dream offshore dedicated development team.

  1. The background check:
    A thorough check should be performed about a company before hiring it as your
    offshore development team. Social platform and online media have grown quite
    mature. Always use this potential of online search about the vendor team. Checkout
    their Linkedin Page to know what they share. Check their Facebook page to see about
    employees strength and company’s work culture. Check company website and how
    elegant is the website. Check if they do blogging on relevant articles. Your self-search
    online about the vendor team will let you filter out more than 60% wrong options.
  2. Talk to the company stakeholders personally:
    After you have decided on a set of companies on which you made a background check,
    it is very important that you personally talk to all those members who shall be part of
    your offshore team directly or indirectly. Talk to the developers, managers, testers and
    account manager. This has many advantages. Firstly, you will get to directly interact with
    the team and understand the team. Then you will also be able to share your ideas and
    confirm that both you and the team are working towards the same goal. The skills of the
    team will all come out during such discussions.
  3. Offshore Teams can perform better than local teams:
    It may seem good to prefer a local team for development, but it is important that you
    always consider the possibility of getting a more experienced, economical and dedicated
    offshore development team. There are many technical aspects which differ from
    country to country. Like developers in little different time zone leads to execution of
    more work in any 24 hours. For example a developer in India may work 5 hours ahead of
    you, if you are based in European Region. So during the overlap time you can discuss
    project details with him and when he leaves for the day, you may focus on other areas
    of your business. So ideally your business team is working 5 hours more than normal
    working hours. With the improvement of online communication and better internet
    connectivity an offshore team is as good as having developers in your own premises.
    You can do video Skype calls when you need one or can even talk anytime during
    working hours over Google Hangout or Whatsapp. When all such practices are possible
    to get quality output in lower price then why should a local development team be
    preferred over an offshore parter.
  4. Company’s branding should not be your sole criteria to select a vendor:
    Businesses always tend to look at brands that are trending or have a good name in the
    network to hire their development team. But as a startup owner, it is essential to know
    that the name of the company is not what matters! You must always check the
    credibility of each member in the team of the company which you will be hiring for your
    company, as it is them who can either build an empire with you or bring down the
    kingdom you have!
  5. Check who understands your ultimate goal:
    Two craftsman were doing an embroidery over two different pieces of marble stones.
    When asked from the first one as to what was he doing, he said that he was creating a
    multi colour design with great precision over a 2ft x 2ft square marble piece. When
    asked from the other when the same question, he said he was creating a design over a
    piece of marble which will finally fit into front gate of Taj Mahal. The second craftsman
    was much connected with the ultimate goal and was doing the correct embroidery. Your
    initial discussions with the team should find if the team understands the final purpose of
    building the project. If yes, then hire them because they will not be needed to be micro
    managed. They will rather support you in building your application better. To ensure
    that they have understood your requirements perfect, ask them about your needs in
    their own words and check if they come with valid queries during this practice.
  6. Check for client references:
    Ask the vendor to share their client references. If you are lucky enough to have your
    friend suggest you a vendor team based on his good experience with that vendor, then
    grab the opportunity to hire them.
    Hope you now have an idea as to what all ground you have to cover before you decide
    to hire an offshore development team. We at Yugasa Software Labs provide business
    consultancy about building the right product using right resources. Feel free to reach us
    at for more information about our services.
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