Everything you need to know about Augmented Reality

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Augmented Reality: What is Augmented Reality? Why is it being talked about so much? Is it really worth all the hype that it is receiving? Can it change the way the world works in the near future? Are these some of the questions that you are wondering about? Then you have landed in the right page. Here
we will be discussing what augmented reality is and its various sectors which can really make some impact in the near future.

Augmented reality is the combination of user’s real time environment with the live video. It basically analyses the actual picture or film, blends fresh information then portrays this new information in real time bringing about a whole new world of experience. The success of the augmented reality lies in its ability to truncate the gap between the real world and the digital

The various areas which we believe are set for augmented reality would be:

Digital marketing – Augmented Reality

everything you need to know about augmented reality
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We have all come across many kinds of problems while shopping for the things that we need. For example, when you want to buy a TV for your room/hall you always have to decide how much area it would occupy and how much more area you can have for speakers, etc. But most
of the time we adjust the size of the TV we buy or we have to go through the process of getting a measuring tape to measure the dimensions and stuff like that. But imagine how easy it would be to just have a look at the TV in your hall even before you buy it! This can be a reality in the near future with AR coming to play. Hence digital marketing will have a revolution in the way it is operated.


How often did we all wish that our history classes would become interesting? This could be done finally for the coming generations at least! Come augmented reality and we can help create the scenes from the past into reality and allow the students to be a part of it. This makes the education system fun along with helping the kids to remember things more easily. This is possible only because of AR’s capability to merge the real world data with the virtual world.

Augmented Reality – Gaming

Pokemon Go! Weren’t you a crazy fan of this game? Though many people debate it was anything but AR, it certainly showed people what AR can do to the world of gaming. It showed the possibility of creating a whole new environment to be in while playing a game. A lot of gaming companies have decided to come with as many AR games possible in the near future.

Travel Guide

Recently I visited China and found myself in a very strange situation! Most of the boards were in Chinese! I was so confused that I Had to keep asking people every now and then so that I don’t lose my way around. With the help of AR it is now possible to create Apps that help you translate the names into the language you understand the best! If AR is included in maps, the whole world becomes an easier place to travel with minimizing the barriers in the languages.

Augmented reality is all about delivering the information about physical objects that we need in the least possible time. Though the potential of augmented reality is staggering, it has really developed at good pace in some the fields. Imagine how cool it would be to point at a new machine and learn how it would work. Augmented reality can indeed change the way people think and work in the near future.

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