Google Maps unable to provide adequate turn by turn navigation

Google Maps Navigation: On August 7 many users reported a bug for google maps on Streetview. This bug was only reported by iOS users. It was reported that many people were unable to use the turn by turn navigation as it disappeared.

The users elaborated on how it was difficult to manage without the feature of this application. Even though Apple provides its navigation service but Google maps is the highest used navigation application.

Meanwhile, the users were able to get the directions if they typed in the proper address in the search bar but they couldn’t use the feature after one drops a red pin on the maps.

This created the entire havoc of Streetview being broken.  The entire application of google maps and its core features are properly functional including search and navigation.

This glitch is not a major one and will be fixed in just one update by google. So look out for that and for the rest of lazy people who didn’t bother with the update well you were just lucky.

In the meantime, people would just have to borrow an Android phone from friends for navigation or simply download Google Earth.

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