Google Photos to end its controversial AI-based printing services

AI-based Printing Services: Google had launched an AI-based printing service in the United States on an experimental basis five months ago. Users had to subscribe to google images that would have their pictures printed and delivered at doorsteps. However, Google has just announced that by the end of this month, June 30th, 2020, they will discontinue this service.

According to an international news organization’s article, Google sent its subscribers a note saying- “Thank you for your invaluable feedback these last several months. You have provided us with a lot of helpful information about how we can evolve this feature, which we hope to make more widely available. Please keep your eyes open for future updates.”

This service used AI, fed with an algorithm to pick out the gallery’s best pictures, and then get it printed. The cost of this service was $7.99 a month.

Why was it controversial? – AI-based Printing Services

Google Photos to end its controversial AI-based printing services
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One major drawback of this service was that people were unable to pick their own images. Artificial Intelligence algorithm picked the best images and printed them out. Because AI is not yet equipped to recognize human emotions, the photos have been a hit and a miss.

Often people in their library had random screenshots and insignificant images which obviously did not require a physical memory. Though Google allowed them to customize the type of images that users could pick, but there were limited choices.

The hefty subscription fees were another downside to this program. When you go to a nearby printing shop, it costs less to have the images printed. It seemed like a tremendous waste of money to pay that amount and receive photos which might not even be important.

Fortunately, the cancelation of this service does not affect Google or google photos revenue.

Google’s update during the pandemic

As the world keeps battling the deadly coronavirus, Google has also updated its services for the same.

The company collaborated with the tech giant Apple to create a contact tracing app that could help identify and control the virus spread. 


The business has also updated Google Maps to match new normal ‘s needs. Additionally, they also introduced projects to help cut spam during the pandemic. Being one of the world’s biggest corporations, they have also facilitated employee work from home until next year.

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