India Railways Introduces Hindi Support on UTS Mobile App; Making Traveling More Convenient for Passengers

India Railways UTS App: The Ministry of Railways announced that India Railway has introduced Hindi language support on its unreserved ticketing system (UTS) mobile application.

The new language feature introduces the 3C’s – cashless transactions, contactless ticketing, and customer convenience to the booking process.

This initiative will make it convenient for passengers who can now choose their preferred language while making a reservation or buying tickets.

This addition follows a similar move by the India Railways UTS App and Tourism Corporation (IRCTC), which last month launched an app in Hindi.

The new development will help travelers to book unreserved train tickets from anywhere, offering them more convenience while they travel on trains run by Indian Railways’ passenger divisions.

The app currently offers a wide array of features, including a ticket booking option for both reserved and unreserved classes with or without mobile phone connectivity.

This means that the app can be used to book tickets even in remote areas where there is no network support.

The app offers a series of convenience features and benefits that include:

  • A smooth ticket booking experience
  • Paperless travel
  • On the run ticketing
  • Cashless transaction
  • Contactless ticketing

India Railways UTS App, The addition of Hindi language support on the UTS Mobile App will play an important role in improving the travel experience for passengers by offering them more convenience.


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