Mobile App Launches for Integrative and Paperless Healthcare Services: Medifree Digital

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Medifree Digital Mobile App Launched: Medifree Digital is a mobile application that has been launched by Dr. Rajeev Singal and his team of doctors to provide the people of India with digital, integrated, and paperless healthcare services.

This app will allow clinics, hospitals, or pharmacies to connect with clinics, laboratories/diagnostic centers, and chemists/pharmacies digitally for providing patients with quality care.

It is an innovative idea that makes healthcare more accessible through technology which was only available in developed countries until now!

Medifree Digital is a neutral platform as it does not promote any healthcare service provider – meaning it will not rate or recommend any doctor, laboratory/chemist to the patient–it will be the patient’s decision to select the service provider either those registered on the App or of their own choice.

It is a data platform where doctors can upload all their medical records and share them with other clinics, hospitals, etc. for complete medication history.

“It is a platform where every user works independently but in an integrated manner,’’ says Kota-based Dr. P. Chatter, one of the founders-Director. “While we strongly believe that every patient must visit a doctor for physical examination at least once because human touch is essential in medical sciences, however, for minor ailments such as cough and cold, online consultation is advised, he adds. It is convenient for the patients as he saves time and money by eliminating visits to doctors, chemists, and even diagnostic centers if required,’’ he added.

To make the functioning transparent, MedifreeDigital provides various features like the time-stamping of medical records, a login system for doctors and patients so they can access information according to their needs, etc.

Medifree Digital Mobile App Launched Digital Mobile App Launched, The app also has a feature called “health watch” that allows users to track blood pressure readings, glucose levels, weight loss/gain charts, pulse rates recorded by your doctor on regular visits. They can even set reminders to provide regular updates on their health.

The Medifree Digital mobile app can be downloaded from the Google Play Store and iTunes App Store. To download, search for Medifee Digital in either store or click on this links:


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