New Innovations to Fill Work-Gaps using Google Workspace

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Google Workspace New Innovations: The year 2020 is gonna be a year to remember for everyone. This is the time when a little virus created a ruckus and things went haywire. The social part of being a social animal went off and vanished in the dust of this lethal pandemic.

Every aspect of our lives was affected and that effect was harsh. One of the sectors that were the epicenter was the workspace, the jobs, the offices, and all things formal. We were confined to our homes with tech as a proxy for almost everything, especially work.

Google Workspace saw a skyrocketed usage from the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic. They saw huge demands for the services they offer and they have to evolve accordingly. Even now with the hybrid model of Partial offline and partial online work in focus, we are seeing a steep rise in remote work apps like these.

First launched in 2006, Google Workspace (formerly known as Google Apps and later G Suite) is a collection of cloud computing, productivity, and collaboration tools, software, and products developed and marketed by Google. It is one of the simplest yet most efficient softwares in the world. It is hugely integrated and efficiently synced with the needs of every working individual.

They recently made a public announcement or rather an advancement in their space of apps. They are experimenting with their simplistic nature of apps with add-ons like

  1. The rollout of spaces in Chat
  2. Meeting enhancements, and
  3. Conferencing hardware

The innovations we’re bringing to customers today help bridge the gaps of virtual and in-person collaboration. I’m especially excited about spaces — a new, dedicated place in Google Workspace — to share information, advance projects, and build community as teammates”

– Sanaz Ahari (Google Workspace’s Senior director PM)

Google Workspace New Innovations, The most unique part of google’s workspace is the integrity of these google apps. They are synced so smoothly that if you are a student or a person in the workforce, you would know the ease with which these cloud magicians do their work. Be it Docs, Slide, Sheets, Meet, Calendar, Drive, etc they all go hand in hand simultaneously.

These spaces are productive spaces as well, People from the same group or team can collaborate and work in harmony. We can organize, reorganize priorities and check on the go. Long story short, this is everything you need when working virtually, remotely, from home, or even from the mountains.

In the upcoming time, The alphabet child is planning to add more unique features in this segment of apps and services to keep teams organized everywhere around the globe. People will be able to set geographical data in the calendar to get hold of their meetings better. They are planning to make meet an even more structured platform to allow virtual meets to happen with more ease.

In the upcoming future when the Government loosens the restrictions to hold the economy and plans to hold tight the aforementioned hybrid form of work. These tech aids will be a boon for our workforce.


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