Some iOS apps begin showing ‘App Tracking Transparency’ privacy prompts: Reports

App Tracking Transparency: Apple has earlier announced that with the commencement of iOS 14.5 of Apple’s mobile operating system, developers have to ask users for their permissions before using Apple’s random and unique identifier for Advertisers (IDFA) to track users.

Apple’s much anticipated update to iOS 14.5 brought Apple’s App Tracking Transparency with various other cool features.

The several new features include FaceID while wearing masks, over 400 new emojis, and battery improvements for iPhone 11 models.

With the commencement of the new iOS 14.5, Apple has made it compulsory for the app to take permission from the users for tracking their data across various apps and devices.

According to some new reports, nearly 10,000 apps have started prompting users about the same.

Starting from iOS 14.5 of Apple’s mobile operating system, developers who plan to utilize Apple’s random and unique Identifier for Advertisers (IDFA) to track clients need to initially ask clients for authorization with the help of a prompt that offers two choices – “Allow” and “Ask not to follow”.

As per a report by AppleInsider, information and analytics firm AppFigures found that around 10,000 had turned on demands for consent to utilize the IDFA labels. 

A large portion of these developers are using obscure methods to ensure clients click on the Allow button. 

Strangely, AppFigures says that numerous developers have intentionally tried to confuse users before presenting the prompt.

While some applications told users they would utilize the consent to convey customized ads, others present long text that clients are probably not going to read.

In the interim another application thanks clients for “being a fan” of the application and requests that they click permit to “continue supporting” the application by allowing it to convey customized ads.

It still not yet clear whether Apple will make an unequivocal move against these applications to hinder others from exploiting clients.

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