Telegram just rolled out its new update – includes scheduled voice chats, in-chat payments, and much more

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Telegram New Update: Whatsapp had already been notorious for the use of its user’s data and now with the arrival of its new privacy policy, users are now leaving the app in large numbers.

This migration of users have mostly been to two apps, Telegram and Signal. While signal is still very new and immature, the majority of users are inclined more towards Telegram.

Seeing the opportunity, Telegram has been continuously pushing updates to its app with the sole aim to provide a better service than its rivals and to retain the new users it got.

In the latest update to the app, Telegram has added Scheduled audio Groups, revamped payments, improved web as well as desktop apps. They have also started pushing the direct download option for their app to circumvent the google’s censorship on adding 

improvements to the app.

Telegram already had an option to schedule messages but it has now also added scheduling feature to its group audio chat feature. The audio chat feature has been the talk of the town since The Billionaire Elon Musk talked and tweeted about it. 

Telegram has already added the group audio chat feature to the app. Although the group chat cannot be scheduled and can only be started directly, which can sometimes cause a delay in attendance of the users.

But now with the introduction of scheduled Audio chats, such delays can be eradicated. Telegram also included a timer with the app which will show a countdown to the scheduled time of the group chat.

Also, the group chat will not start on its own when the timer hits zero, the admin has to manually start the chat by clicking start.

Telegram New Update, The app has also added a “mini-profiles” feature to the app. Users can add pictures and media to it.

The other updates include improved animations for the Android app, an improved video player with better navigations, and a pinch-to-zoom feature that allows the user to zoom in on photos and videos without invoking the local media player.

Telegram is also pushing its influence directly to the users by providing a direct download option to the users. This has been done to bypass the Google bureaucracy and monopoly in the field.


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