The new e-commerce rule of India is somehow affecting the innovation

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E-commerce rule of India: Small internet business outlets are flourishing lately but now they are facing problems with their operations that are bogged down just because of the new compliance lists by the government of India under the Consumer Protection Rules 2020 which includes all e-commerce sites.

As it is well known that after the introduction of the internet everything has become easy for every individual to monetize their passion better than before.

Now anyone can post their products and services online and then dozens of people will going to interact with the product and those who are willing to buy or show their interest will place their order online.

The introduction of the internet has given a much of relaxation to some extent when one thought of starting a new business.

The proliferation of digital platforms in India means that every element of the commercial workflow is readily available in a disaggregated service which is only be accessed to those who are interested in similar products and services can access.

This somehow made it easy for small business owners who are serving online are now able to take the benefits of the internet without the help of platforms such as Shopify.

Most of the home-food businesses use Instagram and Facebook as their menu for displaying their dishes on the application as a series of photos and short videos which made the consumers select from the options.

And the consumers are used to do a brand promotion with their Instagram Stories or Whatsapp Blasters to which announce the sales and reviews and publicity of the product or food dishes.

E-commerce rule of India, As compared to the other parts of the world where the small businesses first need to signup with the large digital platforms but in India, it is not the same here the small business owner can assemble the services they need into customized digital workflows which need to be tailored which meets the unique requirements of businesses.

This makes them capable to set up a fully functional store at less price than the platforms like Shopify charge to small businesses.


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