The right time to launch your short video like app Top 5 TikTok like app

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Top 5 TikTok like app: Recently, Tiktok which is the most growing up a short video maker app in the Indian market among the youth is now being banned. This is due to Indo-China border disputes in which India claimed that China’s military personnel from eastern Ladakh violated the bilateral relationship at LAC. A few days back, some soldiers of china crossed the Line of Actual Control (LAC) while violating Indian soldiers.

That’s why the whole issue started. It is also said that the maintenance of peace and tranquillity is being disturbed in Galwan Valley. After a little conversation between the two, China is still not taking its troops back from the LAC which further resulted in the banning of Chinese applications in India which includes TikTok.

However, Indian citizens are well known for their unity and the strength in their unity resulted in the uninstalling of Chinese applications especially the most growing and popular among the Indians that is Tik Tok. Now, as if TikTok is banned, so what could be next? So here are the new similar applications like TikTok is being launched in India recently. And also it is the right time to launch an app like TikTok.

It would be a great business. TikTok had a great business worldwide especially in countries like India with the most popular country. This is the reason why TikTok having a great business in India. Also being the largest sharing app in the world, the continuation of sharing videos is still going on. With this, I meant Indian originated apps just like TikTok which is now making a good business in the Indian market. Some of the recent application that has been launched after banning TikTok as follows:

1. Chingari-

This TikTok elective application more than 10 million downloads permits you to lip-sync to other music recordings as well as enjoy other mainstream video classifications like the design. Satire recordings and vlogging. Clients get rewards if the recordings get enough remarks, likes, or offers. You can likewise get prizes for remarking on recordings just as watching them.

App link:

2. Manoranjan

This video creator application over 50k+ download is another TikTok elective that offers a wide scope of altering devices to trim, consolidation, cut, and copy video cuts. Much the same as the different applications, This application is unique in relation to different applications as it advances recordings on quality instead of on the number of followers.

App link:

3. Doobido

It is completely Indian sharing video app which is setting fire on the internet today. About 1000+ downloads.

App Link:

4. Lomotif

The best app for iOS users which is slowly getting downloads. It is also an Indian app. Also, you can share your videos on any social media platform from this app in one go. About 50 million+ downloads.

5. Triller

A short video maker allows you to make funny videos and to show your talent within 15 seconds. This is like Snapchat but having a number of different features. About 10 million+ downloads.

Therefore, after the banning of TikTok in India people still can continue their fun by downloading these Indian originated apps. These apps have absolutely no funding with any china’s company. These are the top best 5 apps that have been downloading after the ban of TikTok. Hence, talent will continue to serve while using these top-rated apps and users will be glad after finding or using these alternatives of TikTok. 


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