“Virtual Visiting Hours”: For COVID-19 Patients In a Kolkata Hospital

Covid-19 Patients: Coronavirus pandemic has changed the lives of people. This outbreak has made people think beyond the boundary.

Governments are giving several guidelines to control the pandemic. Bengal government also doing the same. They have banned the use of mobile phones in hospitals as a safety measure. After this decision, a private hospital in Kolkata has come up with a very modern way to help their patients. Patients who are in isolation ward can connect with their family and friends with this initiative.

Covid-19 Patients –

Virtual visiting hours for covid-19 patients in a kolkata hospital
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To make a positive vibe among the COVID-19 patients, the hospital brought the idea of virtual meetings.

This private hospital registered West Bengal’s first Covid-19 death on March 23 and initiated the idea to help isolated patients.

The mobile phone ban decision came last week reportedly after a controversial video shot in a hospital ward went viral. A COVID-19 patient inside the isolation ward has shot the video at one of Kolkata’s hospitals.

Thereafter, even the inter-ministerial central team (IMCT) visiting Bengal raised the issue. In the order, the government said the ban was imposing because cell phones hold germs and infections.

The shot clip reportedly displayed that two bodies lying in the ward and waiting to be removed.

“The concern of patients and their family members and the banning of mobile phones in isolation wards is a challenge for all. Cell phones carry germs and infection which can be harmful. AMRI Hospitals has started ‘Virtual Visiting Hours’ for the patient. Now, patients can keep in touch with family members from isolation ward,” AMRI hospital said in a report on Sunday.

“Nurses of the isolation ward ask every day to each patient and unite them to their family through a video call.

The virtual visiting hour will take place from 4:30 pm to 5:30 pm every day,” said in a statement.

Rupak Barua, the CEO, AMRI Hospitals, said, “As normal visitations are not an option for patients in isolation wards, we have been analyzing the way to help our patients and their family members. The process started on Sunday. It has made both patients and their family members happy. Also, this will reduce their anxiety to a great extent. Our doctors also believe that interacting with their loved ones will help patients recover faster.”


“Specialists say, cell phones have become an important thing for isolated patients. It helps them to battle isolation and psychological pressure. And, to disinfect a phone it only takes a few seconds.” Dr. Koushik Chaki, secretary, West Bengal Doctors’ Forum, said in a report.

Meanwhile, a senior health official infected with Covid-19 and died at AMRI Hospital on Sunday.

With this initiative, patients and families both are now relaxed and connecting with each other.

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