Zoom users top 300 million despite growing ban list, shares hit record

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Zoom Users: With the outbreak of COVID, zoom’s activity has exploded in recent months to a large extent.

The entire nation is under lockdown and people are doing their work from home. Government or normal people, all are continuing their work through a digital platform.

zoom users top 300 million despite growing ban list shares hit record
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To connect with the teammate and other workers, most of the people are using the Zoom platform. Zoom Concerns has become one of the key resources of communication in the pandemic. But due to data security concerns, it has faced many criticisms.

In the last three weeks, the Zoom conferencing app’s user base rose by another 50 percent to 300 million.The Zoom Company had backlash for its safety and security due to which it had to battle a lot as many governments and companies ban its applications.

On Thursday, Shares of Zoom grew 12 percent to a record high of $168.24. The amount has grown approx five-fold since the company went public in March last year.

Chief Executive Eric Yuan gave a 90-day security plan with an update on the platform’s, describing the arise to next week of a new version of the application with advanced encryption features.

German carmaker Daimler had banned the use of the Zoom app until further notice. It was the first company, to take this step, to secure all its company content.

Christoph Sedlmayr, spokesperson for Mercedes-Benz Cars in an interview announces that due to security gaps and issues of Zoom’s data protection, Daimler prohibits the use of Zoom for corporate content.

He also mentions that this does not follow the security requirements of the company. So, the use of the Zoom application will be ban until further notice.

There are a few more popular companies that prohibited the use of Zoom for communication. This was the required step to secure the companies data and confidentiality.

According to Bloomberg reports, wireless technology firm NXP had banned the app’s use with external parties. The employees at Sweden’s Ericsson had advised not to use the Zoom application. Also, the Ericsson spokesman said that they have not forbidden their employees to use of any tool. But, advised being careful with unapproved collaboration tools due to security risks.

Several schools and colleges around the world have banned the use of applications due to data security issues.

Elon Musk’s venture SpaceX, Asia-focused bank Standard Chartered as well as governments in Germany, Taiwan, and Singapore all have forbidden Zoom Application.

The Corona lock down has driven millions of people globally to a huge extent in use of digital platforms. Platforms like Zoom, Skype, and other apps have gained millions of users during the pandemic.

Zoom spokesman repeated that companies throughout the world have done detailed security reviews of the application and were using its services.

Zoom has faced a hail of criticism from cybersecurity experts and users for coding bugs and the lack of end-to-end encryption of its chat sessions.

But even after all the criticism, Zoom has continued to maintain its growth.

Zoom has appointed former Facebook security chief Alex Stamos and several other experts to tackle the concerns. The security researchers say the application has responded all the issues with power.

Investigators tell “Zoombombing” incidents, where unwanted guests collapse meetings. It causes millions of new users of the app made by simple choices. So, the company has taken wise steps to give access to hosts to lock meetings and restrict what members can do.

Although, For corporate users, the encryption issue and recorded calls are more important. Whether it to secure valuable company information, or meet privacy obligations to customers.

Lea Kissner said the 256-bit GCM encryption is launching with Zoom 5.0 next week, in line with what others were using in the industry. Lea Kissner was a global leader in privacy technology at Google, now working as a security advisor for Zoom.

Kissner also said that all Zoom users can switch to the new cryptographic mode from May 30. Zoom will also provide the ability to an admin, to choose data center regions for their meetings.

The new features came to account for the criticism of the company that it had routed some data through Chinese servers.

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