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Building a remote team with Yugasa helped SeatService reduce their software development cost significantly

We help technology driven businesses with revenues USD 1 Million or more reduce their software development cost by upto 40%. Build a dedicated team of experienced software developers in India

IndustrySports and Hospitality
ServicesDesign, Develop, Maintain and Hire
Business Funded Startup
Engagement Remote Dedicated Team

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SeatService is a hospitality startup aiming to automate, with its software, the food ordering and serving business inside the stadiums during the matches. Fans of the clubs can pre-order the food and drinks through the app or by QR code scanning either before the match date or during the game to get the food on their seat itself. This helps the club restaurant maintain an ideal food inventory as per the demand and save fans from waiting in ques for food collection. Fans love SeatService because they do not miss the game action anymore and get enough time to select their food and pay online.

Eifion Weinzweig

Founder – SeatService

It’s been more than a year since we started our first engagement with Yugasa. We interviewed many teams initially to find the one suitable for us. Selecting Yugasa for setting up our remote development team was one of our best decisions. Good experience with them encouraged us to start thinking of building a bigger team in India.

Rapid development is the key to success when customers and investors find your business engaging. We are walking through the same phase of our entrepreneurial journey after getting funded for our seed round. The best part of our building team in India with Yugasa is that they helped us double our software development speed. They have a fleet of experienced, responsible and qualified software developers. We were impressed with their talent, integrity and security measures they deploy while being in a business relationship.

Keeping my team building with Yugasa, we spend more time meeting newer clients and win more business. I love the fact that now our team globally remains available for work for longer hours daily. Thanks to my self driving talent pool for helping me achieve success on all fronts.

Our Process

We sign NDAs to ensure safety of client’s intellectual properties in all aspects.

All paperwork towards onboarding, maintaining and departure of the developers from the client’s ‘Indian Team’ is completely managed by Yugasa throughout.

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