SuperStore is an ERP comparison and reporting application built in nodejs and AngularJS. This application enables comparison of prices of different commodities on different eStores like eBay & Amazon and finds out the one with cheaper price. It also compares other characteristics of the commodity and assigns points to the product entry on specific store. Based on the test result, Admin of the store can decide if he needs to change the price of his commodities on his personal store on Amazon.

The individual parameters of data collected are defined using unique tags & taxonomies as per the XBRL standard. Based on these data,a report is generated in XBRL format which is then used to compare similar tags from other sources. We have implemented Amazon APIs to fetch inventory & order details from Amazon Seller accounts.Similar APIs were integrated for other E-Commerce platforms.

The system complexity includes managing & interacting with huge database of inventories. These records were from different sources & were continuously updated. Keeping a track of every single activity in the database was challenging task for us. We implemented cron jobs to make sure the database is updated & designed the database architecture in such a way that can ensure data availability with optimized performance.