5 Best Use Cases and Implementations of PHP in 2020

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PHP in 2020: PHP is one of the most popular coding languages which is used to develop websites and web applications. Hypertext Pre-processor is mostly embedded into an HTML document. This saves the developer from scripting code in C or Perl.

You can identify a PHP part of the code as the code starts with. The best part of PHP is that the code runs on the server and none of it is actually visible to the user.

The developer can make the most of it and create a mind-blowing feature and the user won’t even know how it happened and can’t even copy the feature. Developers can also jump in and out of PHP mode anytime while scripting an HTML document. 

PHP is one of the oldest and most developed coding structures out there. Almost all new operating systems and web browsers run PHP and many old devices accept it as well.

This increases the scope of operations and the user can choose between procedural programming or object-oriented programming. PHP is like a magic wand that can perform various functions like auto-generate files, output images, run XHTML and XML files and also flash movies. 

PHP in 2020 – Here are the 5 best cases

1. Cybersecurity of the website

Any popular website has millions of users every day and all those users leave a carbon footprint of some data behind. Many even register or make a profile under the website to use their services or to receive newsletters. These details are saved with the website’s server.

If a website is attacked all this data is under risk and the hacker might even upload malware, and everybody accessing the website might get attacked. Hence it is important to make the website secure and build good security.

Thankfully PHP is one of the tools which help in building good security features. With an efficient PHP code, the developer can identify an attack and take the necessary precautions before it’s too late. 

2. Write your own script code – PHP in 2020

Building a website is a huge task and making the website efficient is a completely different commitment. There are two kinds of websites and the first type includes sites that are just to display information and the user can gain knowledge and contact them through other ways.

Then there are responsive and interactive websites that take in data and provide services for the user. Developers have to write the code themselves so that the services are available and PHP makes this task in-variably easy.

With PHP, developers can develop the same features that a third party developed does but the third party developer would charge money for doing it. 

3. Integrate Cloud into your website

Cloud is inarguably one of the best technological innovations and has led to many breakthroughs. We have this technology readily available but incorporating technology is a huge task. One cannot simply add a few lines of code and expect things to happen.

All the sources of data and many other features have to be optimized and updated and then the cloud can be integrated. This is a professional’s job but with PHP it becomes considerably easy for a developer to pull it off. 

4. Image processing

Sometimes the user has to upload some files for verification purposes for something else uploading these files is easy for the user but there are certain rules set by the website. The user cannot upload files that are over 2-3 MB and the size of the photo need to be under specific dimensions.

These regulations are set because it becomes harder for the developers to manage the data. If everyone sends pictures that are 5MB or 6MB each then at the database end, this adds up to thousands of Gigabytes of data storage which is hard to manage.

PHP makes this process simple by allowing cropping of images and allows a change in the format to meet the demands of the website. This image processing functions can be added to the website easily by coding in PHP. 

5. CMS system

Websites are full of information and this content is the lifeblood for a website. The content is what makes the website stand out from other sites. This content has to be updated and new content has to be added. PHP allows developers to use word press and change content with just a few clicks. This saves a lot of time and effort. 


PHP has a lot of potentials that can be be used for various activities. It is easy to learn and implement too. These factors make PHP one of the most efficient and widely used tools in the web development industry. Many tech giants like Facebook, Google, Wikipedia, etc are using this incredible scripting tool to their advantage. 


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