Things to add in UI of your E-Commerce site to enhance user experience

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E-Commerce Website: When the websites were first launched the designers were on top of the world. It was only them who were able to portrait the business to the entire world according to their understanding. The gap between the Designers and the rest of the management team started to increase rapidly when the content showcased by the designers made no sense in reality. But this is no longer the case as we now stand in a era where the UI/UX designers must be educated about the offering of the business thoroughly so that they ensure that the design is as per the requirement of the business in actual sense.

This ensures that users can easily move in the website and choose what they want. At the end of the day, it’s the website that remains in the mind of the user who never meets you to interact with you and know what your business is all about. As you go on with this article you will understand all the aspects that a designer must understand before they begin to design the website.

Get to know your online store – E-Commerce Website

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It is very important to develop a qualitative as well as a quantitative website that attracts the users and also retains them there. For this it would be very helpful if you could conduct a research after you have developed a Beta version of the website to understand the needs of the clients that the business deals with. You can also share a video on the existing website and ask the viewers to share their feedback on the same.

Analyze everything the client does

You can ensure the client sees what they want to see on your site. Try and build a route map that will track everything that the client does, all the products he views, each tab he visits, etc. This will help you understand what the client is looking for and you will be able to design the best website that there is for the business. The entire user journey thus must be

E-Commerce Website – Never limit your thoughts

A website becomes the best available eCommerce site when the designers are bold enough to explore areas that have never been travelled before. Sit with the entire team and discuss, brainstorm and pen down everything that can be made and be improved again in the website! Prepare clickable prototypes that you can. Also let others know in the team what you are preparing and take their feedbacks to improvise on the website if any changes are required.

Test the prototypes and learn from the mistakes

It is fine to go wrong. But it is very important that we learn from the mistakes and always try and improve it. Once you prepare a prototype ensure that you run a number of tests and ensure you analyse it for various functionalities and also record the functionalities so that you can analyse the recordings with the entire team later on.

Suit up your design

After the prototypes are closely studied and the first round of corrections are made, you can now think about ways to make your website look attractive. Ensure you use vibrant colors and designs to ensure client interaction and retentions. Try and provide flows instead of just creating pages for the content that is available at your end. Again ensure that you try various models before you settle for one.


After the website is ready for launch test it one final time to ensure that everything is working exactly as the way it should. After this you can launch your eCommerce portal to the public for use.

Post launch care

A designer’s duties don’t end once the website is launched. It is very important to constantly check for any improvements that can be made once the launch is made. A website can always be made more efficient so that it reaches more clients and helps the business.


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