Importance of progressive web apps

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Importance of progressive web apps: As and when the technology develops there will always be more enhancements in each field related it to. One such sector is app development.

Though native apps are not going away anytime soon, the progressive web applications are evolving at a speed that can not be underestimated.

The only practical reason for this is that there are more options available now than at the time during the development of the native apps. The benefits of these progressive web apps are given below:

Speed: Importance of progressive web apps

There is no doubt that progressive web apps are quicker and faster than native apps.

The features that are used in the progressive web apps such as storing cache make sure these apps are more efficient than the native apps.

They load faster and can perform at a better place. It is more efficient to watch videos, browse at a quicker speed.


HTTPs has become extremely secure these days. They are one of the most widely used ways of launching a progressive web app.

Hence, there is no need for the clients to worry about the privacy of the data that they fill in using the progressive web apps. This provides consumer data protection as well.

Offline Access: Importance of progressive web apps

Did you ever imagine what it would be like to make use of all your favorite apps even when you are in a low or no connectivity?

Well with the progressive web apps this could be reality soon where the apps use stored cache to function.

The service workers play a key role in making sure that these that the progressive web apps are active in when there is low or no connectivity.

No more updates required

The progressive web pages can be updated by the backend easily and there will be no need for the user to update the apps from his end every time there is a new feature added.

This saves the user a lot of time and data, which will make him keep coming back to the app that makes his life easier.

For all businesses, today, having a website is very important and you should now consider having a progressive web app in a world that is fast growing.

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