How Can Smart Data Discovery Help Your Business? 

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Smart Data Discovery: This term is supposed to convey the idea that if used correctly, your business data can be incredibly valuable. 

Only if data is organized and evaluated daily can it be used to power a complete enterprise. 

According to a study, the total amount of data created, recorded, copied, and consumed globally would exceed 180 zettabytes by 2025. 

This makes imagining the data silos created by a single organization incredibly challenging. 

Over 60% of firms are battling with unstructured data in this data-driven environment where IoT (Internet of Things) and BI (Business Intelligence) are the buzzwords of the day. 

Data discovery: Crack the storyline of your business data! 

Data discovery is the act of evaluating and gathering data from a variety of sources to find outliers, trends, and patterns in the data. 

Data discovery encompasses both structured and unstructured data, and it aids in data visibility across the enterprise.  

So, what do you get out of data exploration now?

You can use the information to improve your business processes and stand out in a crowded digital environment. 

Almost every company acquires vast amounts of data from vendors, suppliers, consumers, operations, and manufacturing processes, both through traditional and digital interactions.

The transition from manual to intelligent data discovery 

Previously, businesses practiced data discovery manually using excel sheets, documenting and analyzing data on their own. 

Experts described it as a time-consuming and inefficient approach. The results were also largely reliant on the individual’s knowledge of the data and were vulnerable to human error. 

Manual data discovery comprised manual data mapping, metadata categorization, rule documentation, and critical thinking to gain insights. 

It has been the go-to procedure for any modern data-driven enterprise since the emergence of Artificial Intelligence (AI), Business Intelligence (BI), and Machine Learning (ML). 

Enterprises may effortlessly conceptualize and exhibit data insights on an integrated platform with the help of this automated data system. 

Smart Data Discovery Help Your Business 2022

Automated data preparation, integration and presentation of hidden patterns, and visualization of trends and information for smart decision-making are all part of data discovery.

This seamless data translation process provides businesses with real-time actionable adjustments that impact growth and profitability directly. 

The concept of smart data discovery is divided into three categories. 

Analysis, visual outputs, and modeling are all part of the process. To get the most out of this procedure, you must first grasp the format of how data discovery works. 

The three types of data discovery listed below can help you get a better view of data activities. 

1. Preparation of data 

The most important stage before any discovery or analysis is data preparation. 

Cleaning (structured and unstructured) data, reformatting, and integrating data from all sources to be analyzed in a standard manner are all part of this process. 

2. Visualization of data 

Another excellent technique to completely appreciate business insights is to visualize data. 

Dashboards, flow diagrams, charts, and other forms are used to show the data. 

Predictive analytics and machine learning are 

essentially responsible for this. 

This is useful for non-technical department teams to grasp the connections between different data streams.

Smart Data Discovery Help Your Business 2022

3. Cutting-edge analytics 

To gain a complete image of the company’s business data, the description and visualization parts are combined here. 

This advanced analytics and reporting system organizes, summarises, and breaks down complex data into easy-to-understand reports that may be used to make future decisions. 

Why is smart data discovery so important for your company? 

So far, we’ve covered a variety of data discovery applications. 

These benefits and applications, however, are not restricted to making wise and informed decisions. 

The top five advantages of modern businesses are listed below. 

1. Data classification by machine 

Every day, businesses acquire more data in new formats from tens of thousands of sources. 

You may classify all of this data precisely using a smart data discovery system, based on the condition, channel, and context in which it was acquired. 

 2. Data controls in real-time

Different data discovery strategies, such as specified control over data, can be used to apply precise actions to your data. 

This provides you with real-time control over the data in your firm. You may quickly compare your current year’s profit margin to the prior year’s profit margin to acquire insight into future earnings prospects.

 3. Better risk management and compliance – Smart Data Discovery

Compliance and risk management are at the top of every business’s agenda as data quantities increase and consumers become more concerned about data protection and security.

 As previously indicated, identify the possible hazards and outliers in data so that they can be managed proactively. 

Modern data finding tools’ characteristics 

Any data discovery tool or solution you want to use in your company should be able to handle all three types of data discovery mentioned above. 

You must look for dependable data analytics solutions to conduct a successful procedure. 

1. Insights from a large data set in a short amount of time 

Time and data can be capitalized quickly in this fast-paced data world. You can’t afford to wait for analytics and BI and risk having your business suffer as a result of delayed information. 

As a result, your data discovery tool should be able to combine large amounts of data from many sources, filter them, and provide real-time insights.

2. Advanced functions 

To undertake quality research and gain maximum value from insights, a good data discovery tool should provide advanced visualization and reporting options. 

Multiple charts should be able to be merged and complex comparisons should be possible using your data discovery tool. 

3. Easy-to-use interface 

Professional analysts and data experts should not be the only ones who are familiar with the instrument and how to use it. 

Every department must be familiar with the data discovery tool because it allows everyone to access the discovered insights (technical and non-technical). 

This will allow for an unrestricted flow of information within your company. 

How can Yugasa provide the most effective data discovery solutions for you? 

One of the most difficult is Smart Data Discovery, but crucial steps toward a comprehensive data strategy are discovering, classifying, and analyzing your business data. 

Allow us to assist you in enhancing the quality of your data and ensuring data compliance. 

For your business’s growth and scalability, we can provide rich, actionable insights. 

Connect with us to get the most out of your data.


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