Software Development vs Web Development: What Is Main Difference Between Them? 

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Software Development vs Web Development: “If your business doesn’t have a rich online presence, your business will be invisible in the market, “ said Bill Gates. 

Having a rich online presence is important for today’s business. And you can’t deny that business can’t survive without it. That’s where websites and mobile apps come into the picture! If you want to stay ahead of your competitors in today’s digital world, you need a website development or mobile app development solution!

But the biggest question among entrepreneurs is what will be the best for their business: Software development vs web development. To know the right answer, you need to know the difference between them. In this blog, you will know the difference between web and software development.

Let’s first start with Web development: Software Development vs Web Development

What is web development?

The process of developing a website is called a web development solution. Whether it is single page layout with plain text or a complicated multi-page site with high-end animations, everything comes under website development services.

Its process contains everything, from web design and development to testing and deployment. Make sure you hire a dedicated website development company to get a reliable website for your business. 

Web development’s complete process is separated into two parts: Software Development vs Web Development

  • Front-end development
  • Back-end development

#1 – Front-end Development

Front-end development is also known as the client-side development process in which a web developer works on the website’s front part. Many companies offer user-friendly and engaging websites in this service. Getting front-end development is a vital part of your website and even helps to connect users. 

#2 – Back-end Development

As the name implies, Back-end development is the website’s backbone. It is a server-side development in which coding is done. A user doesn’t interact with the back-end but equally important to front-end development. As it decides how your website will work, make sure you hire an experienced web developer for your project. 

Types of web developers

Web developers are classified into three categories:

  • Front-end developer who works on the front-end/client side of a website. 
  • Back-end developer who works on the back-end/server-side of a website.
  • Full-stack developer who has complete knowledge of both the back-end and the front-end development.

When to hire web developers?

Web developers are responsible for the overall functioning and look of a website. From selecting the right technology to selecting the right tools, they decide everything and build a website from scratch. To get the best results, make sure you hire one specializing in the technology you want to use for your site. 

For example, if you want to get your website developed using WordPress, you need to hire a WordPress developer. And for getting a PHP website, you need to approach a PHP developer. 

As you have now understood about web development, let’s move towards a software development solution.

What is software development?

Software development is a wider term than web development. It refers to writing codes to build several computer software and apps in a specialized programming language. Chrome, MS Office, Skype, and Slack, are some examples of software. 

Software development solutions are classified under three main categories:

#1 – System Software

The system software runs the hardware components of a computer. MS Windows, USB drivers, and WinRAR are some examples of system software.

#2 – Application Software

App software is a custom software developer for users to get a specific task. Google Docs, MS Word, and MS Access are some examples of app software. 

#3 – Programming Software

Programming software helps developers to write their codes and instructions. Eclipse, Notepad++, and Coda are a few examples of this software. 

What are the phases of the software development process?

Here are common five phases of SDLC: Software Development vs Web Development

Step #1 – Deep Market Research

Before planning to get software developed, you must do extensive market research and brainstorm to discover the product’s feasibility. 

Step #2 – Requirement analysis

In this step, all technical and user needs are analyzed and an outline is drawn to understand all software development requirements. 

Step #3 – Software Design

Architectural design, relevant components, front-end representation, and software user flow are determined in the software design phase. 

Step #4 – Development and Implementation

In this phase, the coding of the software product is done. 

Step #5 – Testing

After completing the designing and developing of software, a series of tests are conducted to determine its functionality. 

When to Hire Software Developers?

Software developers are experts in designing and developing an app compatible with desktops and smartphones. Also, they are responsible for writing codes that make your computer work. These professionals not only design and develop apps but also debug code errors and upgrade user interfaces. Make sure you hire experienced software developers who match your requirements. 

Web development vs software development: What are key differences?

Web development and software development both terms are both highly confusing, especially for those who are new in this field and not from a technical background. Many people think that both of these terms are the same.

But, understanding the difference between them is vital, especially if you are looking for an online solution for your business. You need to be clear about what you want for a great online presence: web development or software development.

Here are few points to consider when knowing the difference between web development and software development solution:

#1 – Architecture

Software development focuses only on the client-side, whereas web development works for both client and server. 

#2 – Design

Software is simple and basic, while the website is filled with high-end graphics and animations.

#3 – Content

The software has static content, while websites have both sciatic and interactive content.

#4 – System

Software is accessed only from a computer, while a website is accessed from any platform having an active internet connection.

#5 – Host

Software development does not require any hosting, whereas web development requires a host.

By considering all the above requirements, you can easily choose whether you are looking for software development and web development as per your needs. Make sure you hire a dedicated development company such as Yugasa for software development.

How can Yugasa help in software and web development?

Yugasa is a mobile app development company with many years of experience in delivering high-quality software development solutions. Our dedicated team of experts uses the latest technology and programming language to develop reliable and innovative software and websites. For more information about software and web development, you can contact our experts today! 


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