Swift vs Python: Who Will Be The Winner For iOS App Development In 2021?

Swift vs Python: Having user-friendly and successful iOS apps is essential to boost your business’s growth in the techie market. For that, iOS app development is the best choice, especially in the technology-developed world.

Undoubtedly, iOS has become one of the best mobile app development platforms over a few years. Everyone prefers to use iPhones and iPods, even according to a report, Apple sold an impressive 40.8 million iPhones in 2019. As iOS’s popularity is quite solid and many developers choose this platform for app development.

Every year or month, we experience modifications in the preferences of programming languages. Some of the programming languages remain in trend while some of them become out of fashion.

In recent years, Swift and Python are two free, open-source programming languages that have gained too much attention among iOS developers.

Along with the popularity, Swift vs Python: which will be better for iOS app development in 2021?” has become one of the hottest debatable topics among iOS developers and business owners.

Swift vs Python: Comparison in detail

In recent statistics, Python is in first place among the most popular iOS programming languages. Then what about Swift? It is also famous like Python as Swift tends to be the following popular language in the iOS app development market after Python.

So, how will you choose the iOS programming language in 2021? The answer depends on many factors, including your product’s purpose, features, and budget. To have a clear understanding, you need to know everything about Swift and Python.

Swift vs Python – Let’s start first with Swift: 

What is Swift?

Swift is a powerful, open-source tool that allows developers to build a fantastic app for the iOS platform. This robust and intuitive programming language used a modern approach to software design patterns by Apple in 2014. It achieved remarkable growth in its popularity in 2015. Swift is an easy-to-use tool so that you can convert your idea into something incredible with this app.

Many companies, including Linkedin, Kickstarter, and SkyGuide, prominently use Swift as a programming language to develop their iOS app.

Incredible Features of Swift: Why choose this language for iOS development?

Here are some impressive features of Swift that make it a popular language for iOS development.

#1 Easy code readability – Swift vs Python

If you are a newbie to developing iOS apps, Swift is the best programming language! Undoubtedly, Swift is a simple and easy-to-learn programming language. Even understanding and writing the code for an iOS app is easier with this programming language.

#2 Compatibility with objectives C

Swift is compatible with Objective-C’s libraries and frameworks. This feature allows developers to use Objective-C APIs and classes inside the Swift code.

#3 Less error to prone – Swift vs Python

Swift allows iOS developers to fix errors immediately and ensure the safety and security of iOS apps. Swift developers can write, compile, and repair all bugs with this programming language while working on the code, implementing better quality control.

#4 Dynamic library linking

It has become effortless to upgrade the Swift app’s version to others thanks to the dynamic library linking feature. These libraries are codes that execute to store the new version of code in memory.

Cons of Swift

Swift has various weak sides along with impressive features, so many developers are in a dilemma about using this language for their iOS app development. Here are some cons of using Swift language:

#1 Compatibility issues

One of the common cons of Swift is compatibility issues. This means, if you want to switch your iOS app development project to a new version, you have to start from scratch.

#2 Limited tools – Swift vs Python

Undoubtedly, Swift language is updating continuously, so there are limited tools available in the market for different versions. This is one of the significant drawbacks of using Swift for developing iOS apps.

Now, it’s time to know about Python.

What is Python?

Python is a popular iOS app development language for most developers. This high-level and general-purpose dynamic programming language has become one of the fastest-growing and popular programming languages for iOS apps, thanks to advanced features.

Netflix, Reddit, Facebook, and Instagram are famous companies using Python as their iOS programming language.

Features of Python: Why choose this language for iOS development?

Python has many unique features that make this the best programming language for iOS app development.

#1 Easy to code

As Python is a developer-friendly language, you can easily code in this language. It is easier to learn than C, C#, JavaScript, and Java.

#2 Large standard library – Swift vs Python

Python comes with a vast range of large standard libraries and frameworks for different purposes. You don’t have to worry about writing code repeatedly for the same thing as it provides a rich set of modules and functions.

#3 Portable language

Python is a portable language and this is one of the most significant advantages of using this language for your iOS app development projects. Portable language means you can run python code (you have for windows) on any platform such as Linux, Unix and Mac.

Cons of Python

Here are some drawbacks why Python is still in a dilemma:

#1 – Gets slow speed

Python performs with the help of an interpreter instead of the compiler which causes it to slow down as compilation and execution help to work normally.

#2 – Limited designs

As a dynamically typed language, Python can identify the different variables and can cause runtime errors.

#3 – Memory exhaustion

Python doesn’t support intense memory tasks due to its high memory consumption feature.

Swift vs. Python: who will be the winner of iOS app development in 2021?

As you can see, both Swift vs Python are good on their own. Although Python has been a game-changer for years, Swift has been booming in the developed market rapidly. This means, if you need a highly functional and user-friendly iOS app, Swift is the right choice! On the other hand, Python is a wise decision for developing artificial intelligence and building the backend.

So, it is clear that Swift will be the winner for iOS app development in 2021.

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