Top 10 app ideas for start-ups that are game-changers

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Best App Ideas for Startups: In 2019, a startup’s success primarily depends on your specific concept. A revolutionary concept for mobile applications that provides people with solutions to their needs has a strong chance of being a success.

Users want an app that helps them save time, reduce costs and streamline their processes every day.

Although it may sound straightforward, it is typically challenging for most start-ups to meet the above three needs. This is why 10 revolutionary mobile app concepts have been addressed in this article to help you come up with a brilliant startup.

So, without wasting much time, let’s take you through the amazing ideas!

1. Blockchain-based tax-invoicing app

Notice the time of the year that your tax returns are cut short when you sit close for hours. Blockchain Tax App could be one of the best android app concepts for expense management.

This app will measure the amount of tax that the consumer has to pay based on his income and ensure that the right amount of tax is always paid.

Also, if the app can produce invoices, the financial issues of your organization can become much simpler.

For all your business transactions, you will measure your taxes as well as produce invoices. This app concept is getting better with the help of custom product development services.

2. AI-based restaurant reservation management app

Why should you miss the opportunity to dine in a great place? For unforeseen plans.

A graphical layout of pubs and restaurants in the surrounding area will be provided by this app and the user will be able to book a specific table for a specific time in advance.

This app will recognize and recommend the user’s interests with the aid of Artificial Intelligence. Not only does AI help to pick better dining locations, but it also makes them more customized.

3. Online Education App – Best App Ideas for Startups

With the advent of the coronavirus pandemic, think about the problems schools have had to face.

Many administrators and school owners would certainly agree that they need all the support they can get to fully digitally control their campuses.

Teachers, too, can say the same thing, but their issues are more related to the classroom — but by no way are they less affected.

How teachers and learners will be able to perform their lessons optimally and with minimum interruption are some of the most pressing issues.

This includes paying attention to communication channels, how the app can easily include educational references, and ensuring the optimal learning atmosphere for the virtual school and academic environment.

4. Entertainment App

Entertainment is a large word, admittedly, and that bodes well for many developers. After all, this enormous category includes sports, music, movies, social media, and virtual communication.

And the icing on the cake is that you really can’t get enough of them from people. We are always looking for applications that satisfy our fantasies, impart those unparalleled ambiguous emotions, stay linked with others, and keep our minds at work.

In the cynical COVID age, where people need a daily means to escape the harsh realities of the world, entertainment apps can provide all of these things and much more, and they are needed now more than ever.

Some well-known examples are Sketchbook, Netflix, Spotify, and Instagram.

5. Online Consultancy App

It’s no wonder that online consultation apps are becoming in-demand and useful, considering the health anxiety that the pandemic has triggered and continues to inflict on individuals.

Indeed, there is no other approach that can compare with how medical applications often render essential healthcare professionals and physicians beyond the scope of patients’ weapons.

These are applications that show how far telemedicine has come, and it is high time for developers to continue to enrich it, especially as it can have a tremendous positive impact on the battle against COVID-19.

MDLIVE, PlushCare, LiveHealth, and Lemonaid are prime examples of online consultation applications.

6. Health Inspection App – Best App Ideas for Startups

For daily health check-ups, everybody goes to their doctor, but to do so, they have to know and make appointments for themselves.

The health inspector can be one of the best health apps to alert the consumer when a health check-up is required. It will also automatically send an appointment text message and inform the user whether or not it has been accepted.

7. Dating cum Matrimony app

An app that automatically imports user friends from all social media networks and enables users to rate each other with certain comments, such as desirable, repulsive, dated, regular friends, etc., and they will be alerted when two people rank each other with the same comments.

The marriage facilities will assist you even after you are together and plan to remain that way for years. From dating to marriage, this app will provide end-to-end services and assist you during the journey.

8. Earning App for Rating

Earning by Rating will be an online blockchain app that will allow users, in exchange for some cash or gift vouchers, to check the newly released app. You can easily get a top blockchain software company to build this app.

9. Food Delivery App – Best App Ideas for Startups

Some people spend so much time in their work that they can’t find the time to have a meal visiting a restaurant. But these people can’t miss out on their meals.

Because of this, it is an ideal smartphone app for startups to build a food delivery app. In addition to ordering food, you can add features where users can find cheap ordering services available at their place.

To get their desired taste, the consumer should also be given an option to suggest their favorite ingredient to a restaurant.

10. Interior Designer Apps

It is not easy to decorate your home with the right pieces. This app will take a picture of the user’s room and make it possible to imagine it with various interior design options available, such as carpets, curtains, wall paint, etc.

In the surrounding city, it will also display the chosen product’s distributor and will ease the interior design process.


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