Top 10 Data Science Courses in India

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Data Science Courses in India: We expect the Data Science domain to face a new high opening in 2020. When compared to 2019, the 62% has increased.

With lucrative job opportunities and high salaries associated with the domain, nearly 1.5 lakh job posts will be available for Data science professionals by 2022.

Hence, instead of wasting time finding a Career in Data Science, I have made a list of the top 10 data science courses in India that offer jobs after completing the course.

Students and working professionals apply to the top 10 best Data Science courses in India. This research covers the educational curriculum, Reviews, project topics, and placements. Data science has become the most sought-after domain for freshers and experienced professionals. 

Many institutes offer high-profile and rewarding job opportunities to severe and aspiring candidates. Data Science is an amalgamation of statistics, mathematics, computer science, and the analytical scrutiny required to make sense of the data.

These courses are the b the Indian data science education space. Keeping this in mind, we have shortlisted the top 10 Data Science Course from 10+ reputed institutions based on four key parameters − “Depth of Curriculum,” “Interactive Hands-On Learning,” “Recognition & Accreditation,” and “Student Experience” so that you can find and choose the perfect course.

This list of best Data Science courses in India is researched and compiled by considering various factors like the involvement of top NITs & IIITs, Recognition of program, Reviews of students, Salary after completion of the course, Course duration, and practical knowledge imparted on the aspirants.

Let us know about the top 10 Data Science courses in India

1. Henry Harvin Analytics Academy

Henry Harvin is undoubtedly the Best Data Science Course in India which provides expert training on Machine Learning, R Programming, Deep Learning, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Natural Language Processing (NLP), Data Analysis, etc.

Henry Harvin and Education has developed and launched with great success over the years — over 50000+ enrolled — the most comprehensive program in Data Science for Non-Data Scientists in India.

The best in the industry designed and developed this program with a passion to make lives easier with knowledge, bringing you to the state of art in Data Science, equipping you with tools, concepts, and skills fit for your long-term career growth.

The data science course Online captures data science’s fundamental and foundational concepts, mechanics, uses, and importance.

Henry Harvin is a recognized name in Data Science. It is a recognized Data Science Company in South Asia with a portfolio that comprises data sciences from AI to Machine Learning, from Data analytics to Business Analytics.

Our company’s philosophy is ‘To equip any individual to use data science for solving real-world problems knowing that the future belongs to those who attract it by their actions.

It is a super talented course. If you are planning to make a career as a Data science professional, this course will help you achieve your dreams.

It will help you climb the ladder of success. Henry Harvin, who has delivered hundreds of studies in different countries, including India and Singapore, provided this course. He is one of the most sought-after mentors with 13 years of experience.

Course Curriculum:-

  • They designed the Course curriculum for students who attend traditional education, lack the technical knowledge to build strong fundamentals. It also offers online learning tips and other resources technologies critical to the experience, including 3D animation, real-time virtual reality support, HTML5 training, etc.
  • They provide you with one-year gold membership, wherein you can access their LMS Learning even after your course completion.
  • Everyone truly believes that more hands-on Learning will help engage more young people and make them more productive individuals. The system uses a state-of-the-art artificial intelligence computer program; the breakthrough software analyzes trillions of bits of information from students’ responses to thousands of test questions given by teachers every hour of every day. In addition, the technology platform allows immediate feedback to be provided to teachers as they teach.
  • The trainers of Henry Harvin and Education are specialists in their fields and have vast experience in their domain. The trainers provide the training to the undergraduate, Graduate, Postgraduate courses students to get their career in the IT field.
  • The course fee is 15000/- which you can partly pay with an easy payment method. 

Recommended Course 

Introduction To Data Science Course | Data Science Tutorials For Beginners | Henry Harvin

2. Praxis Business School – Data Science Courses in India

Praxis Business School provides you with a complete post-graduation program in Data Science. It is a nine-month program with lectures, discussions, assignments, and case studies.

The first three months of the course will focus on statistics and the interpretation of data. In the third month, you will have a project on artificial intelligence wherein you have to work on an application of your choice, including its data management aspect. 

The fourth month of the course will focus on machine learning techniques. During this time, you will also choose a specialization track from among the four areas–Predictive Modeling and Analytics, Cyber Security Analytics, Social Media Analytics, or Big Data Analytics. 

They designed the PGP in Data Science for working professionals with at least three years of work experience. The focus is on keeping the coursework timeline flexible so that they can customize it according to your schedule without compromising on quality or content.

Here, you will learn to handle big data with the most suitable tools and methodologies. This program combines project-based Learning and teaching by industry professionals with a few guest lectures from subject matter experts.

Highlights of Post Graduation Program:-

  •  They have both online training and classroom training for near localities. 
  • Location – Bangalore, Mumbai, and Kolkata
  • The duration, of course, is nine months.
  • Students will get recognition and a proper education degree from Praxis Business School.
  • Praxis Business School’s Postgraduate Program in Data Science teaches you how to become a Data Scientist from scratch. This intensive, 1-year full-time program is spread across 3 phases: foundations, core, and advanced. It is a 100% online program that allows learners to learn from anywhere at their own time and through various lessons, videos, assignments, and projects.
  • They cover tools such as Tableau, Python, Spark, R, Excel, SAS, Hadoop, MongoDB, SQL, Amazon AWS, and QlikView.
  • They offer two projects as Capstone. 
  • Course Fee is – 15000/- + GST Cost

3. Post Graduation program of Imarticus

The Post Graduate Program in Data Analytics by Imarticus trains professionals to perform well in Big Data. It is an intensive program with offline classes held at Imarticus Learning’s center. 

Their Data Analytics program is a combination of online and offline and also incorporates hands-on lab time.

Designed to help you gain deep insight into the quantitative analysis and modeling about data analytics and predictive modeling in a case study approach by using accurate data and tools in a sped up and short-run format.

The one-year Postgraduate Program in Data Analytics by Imarticus is a program that deals thoroughly with the concepts involved in data analytics.

The curriculum builds up from basic knowledge to advanced concepts. It deals with many technical aspects of data science and helps learners understand the subject. Experts from the industry conduct the classes.

Key Highlights of the course:-

  • The mode of classes is both online and offline.
  • The duration of the course is one year.
  • They are situated in:- Mumbai, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Pune, and Delhi.
  • Tools such as Python, R, Hadoop, SQL, Power Bi, and Tableau are covered in the program. 
  •  It provides a unique learning experience where students will be fine-tuning their theoretical concepts and gaining needed skills practically, which will make them more competitive in the job market.
  • They give you projects on boot camps, Hackathons, and Capstone projects. 
  • Course fee is – 2,10,000 + GST

4. UpGrad – Data Science Courses in India

The upGrad is an online data science program designed to teach you how to be self-sufficient in data science.

Upgrade provides you an opportunity to work on Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning challenges being faced by enterprises at present, including how to solve them with the right tools. Their primary aim is to provide a holistic view of big data and machine learning problems.

Ms faced organizations with hands-on experience in applying tools. It is a complete 12 months online program with recommended 12-15 hours per week.

For this program, no prior coding experience is required. We will train you from the ground up, and once done, you will be a prodigy in both R Programming and Python Data Science. You won’t just learn the code but also the underlying concepts that govern Data Science.

Key Features of the course:-

  • They provide you with online Learning
  • Duration of course is- 12 months
  • The system gives you five specializations of your choice and according to career growth. 
  • Pre-recorded classes, monthly live classes with professional help in solving all your queries.
  • They cover tools such as Python, Tableau, SQL, etc
  • They also give you a Capstone project
  • The course fee is 2,85,000 excluding GST

5. Certification Program of Data Science and Artificial Intelligence by Learn Bay

Learnbay Online Course has targeted the skills gap of the Data Scientist, which is one of the most wanted jobs by the hiring managers. This course will be valuable for seasoned professionals or those just looking to enter the field that lacks formal education.

The system will provide valuable insights into the essential tools required to become a best-rated data scientist. If you’re looking for an excellent data science course to learn data structures, algorithms, and more, Learn Bay, without a doubt, is the place you want to be.

There is a 24/7 community site with fantastic support. It goes very in-depth with exercises provided for each concept. Course 

Course Curriculum:-

  • They cover all programming topics such as python, R, SQL, and many more.
  • Gives you a brief understanding of statistics, algorithms, descriptive, hypotheses, testing, and data processing. 
  • Explanation of various tools such as MongoDBantivirus, Numpy, Scipy, Big Data Han, PowerBi, and Apache spark Analytics.
  • They also teach you non-technical skills such as teamwork, stress management, and communication, which will help you become a good leader.
  • They designed the certification for professionals looking to gain advanced skills in various levels of the industry. The blended program in collaboration with IBM offers multiple certifications under one hood. The certificate is widely accepted globally and in wild industry camps like JP Morgan, Wells Fargo Genpact.
  • You need to have one year of experience in any of the domains.
  • Course Fee- 59,000/-

6. Certification course in Data Science by IIM Kozhikode

The IIM Kozhikode certificate program in data science is designed for professionals from any domain looking to gain an edge in their respective fields. This program will provide the learners with the skills required to be successful in the data-driven world.

The courses are relevant to professionals working in data-intensive domains such as banking & financial services, insurance, retail, logistics & supply chain management, telecom, mining & metals, manufacturing, and media and publishing. You can also take it part-time without disrupting day jobs.

Ideal for professionals working across the spectrum of IT, Operations, Finance, Marketing, Consulting, Analytics, Decision Sciences, etc., who are seeking advancement in their career.

By building specialized skills demanded by the market, this is a unique opportunity to learn from experts at IIM Kozhikode through its expertise in data science, decision sciences, and analytics.

Course Highlight:-

  • Course Duration – 3 Months
  • They have online Learning with 4-5 hours of lecture weekly
  • They have their essential criteria as BE Graduates, and they can give preference to experienced candidates.
  • They cover tools such as MYSQL. Python, Apache Spark, and Tableau.
  • The trainer is a highly-skilled professional with hands-on industrial experience
  • They give you hands-on experience to their students
  • Course Fee -71,750/-

7. Excel R 

Excel R is one of the Best Data Science Courses in Pune from IBM. It is a four-month-long long course with 235 hours of Learning.

This course targets developing skills in Statistics, Data Analysis, Business Analysis, Data visualization, Machine Learning algorithms, Ensemble techniques, Time Mining, and others.

IBM is proud to partner with TCS to bring you the Data Science course! This intensive, hands-on program will help you gain statistics, data analysis, business analysis, data visualization, machine learning algorithms, ensemble techniques, and time mining.

You’ll also learn about forecasting, natural language processing, and Big Data analytics. The classroom curriculum includes video modules with interactive content where participants test their knowledge with exercises to reinforce critical skills.

The fee structure for classroom training is 57,800/0- INR, and for online training, it is 49,999/- INR.

8. Edureka – Data Science Courses in India

Edureka’s Post-Graduate Program is a 12-month Graduate Program that will give you the skills and knowledge to succeed as a Data Scientist or a Big Data Developer.

We have partnered with IIT Guwahati, who are working with us to develop this program designed by industry experts. This Full Stack Online Program will help build your data science knowledge from scratch.

Edureka brings you India’s first world-class postgraduate program in Advanced IT. Edureka collaborates with IIT Guwahati and has been designed by industry experts in classes of 2-3 hours per day with one free demo class per week.

Key features of Post Graduation Program:-

  • The PG Program is completely online 
  • Duration is 12 months
  • Course Fee is – 2,85,000 excluding GST
  • Trainers are Industry Experts 

9. Jigsaw Academy

Jigsaw Academy is the first of its kind to offer a comprehensive & customized Diplomatic Data Science program that can be availed either online or in-person. We are offering training programs for freshers and working professionals.

The course curriculum followed here makes sure that they keep your interest alive throughout the course, so you understand all aspects of Data Science.

This data science course is meant for all the freshers and working professionals who want to get a career in data science.

It will be a comprehensive knowledge of basic statistics to complex machine learning algorithms. Industry experts designed the curriculum of this course with an experienced team of faculty members. 

They offer a wide range of courses from Big Data, Cloud Computing to Financial Modeling, R Programming, and Automation Tools. JigSaw, a full-time offline program located in Chennai and Bangalore, facilitates 100% practical projects using industry-standard tools.

The teaching methodology focuses on making Learning relevant and experiential along with implementing best practices from the industry. Fees: Starting at INR 4,95,000 + GST

10. Great Learning

The Great Learning PGP in Data Science and Business Analytics is an online Professional Certificate Program that equips students for success in careers involving data science.

Designed for working professionals, the program covers the core skills of data science, emphasizing practical application. All materials are available online, including the playlist of videos covering all course topics.

Course work can be done at your own pace, providing flexibility for working professionals. Great Learning is one of the widely used data analytics courses in India.

The 11 months, hands-on learning costs INR 2,25,000 + GST. Students learn R Programming; Tableau; Python; SAS; SQL; etc.

Students with knowledge in statistics and basic probability would enjoy the course by Designing a Financial Model for a gaming company and modeling the stock market.

Importance of Learning Data Science

Data science is a new field where there are immense opportunities for work. It combines methods from statistics, computer science, and domain expertise.

Data Science Courses in India, Data Science is essential in today’s economy and can change various sectors like e-commerce, banking, etc. By hiring data science freshers, you can get the valuable service of big data solutions.

The Indian IT industry is reported to have 76% of the data science professionals in the world. This course gives the best way to solve all your queries related to Data Science for beginners.

The system helps you learn the language of data science along with its application to real-life problems. Data Science Area is an innovative program that provides all the skills required to succeed in the industry.


Data science programs are the perfect tool for students who want to pursue data science as their full-time profession. Graduates achieve placements in companies worldwide.

These certification training programs help students become data scientists, machine learning specialists, or data analysts. Data scientists are sought-after professionals that can help businesses collect, manipulate and interpret new datasets. 

Program participants will work on new ideas, be mentored by Silicon Valley leaders, and earn industry-recognized certifications on course completion.

Using some of the tools mentioned in the article, Data science India has helped thousands of students master data scientists in multiple data science technologies.

Data science is leading to intelligent machines, self-anticipated cars, predictive policing, etc. Data science jobs are on the rise and are evergreen, unlike other technology roles.


Q1. What are the various roles of Data Science?

Ans -You can work as a Data Scientist, Data Manager, ML Engineer, Researcher, Data Architect, and many more.

Q2. Is Data Science in demand?

Ans -Yes. Demand for data science has drastically increased by 50% into various sectors such as HealthCare, Media, Telecommunication, Banking, and various others.

Q3. Can anyone from a different field pursue a course?

Ans -Yes. Some Universities have their criteria, but some universities take based on your area of interest. 


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